Talent Development

FYP Students

"I am really grateful to have the opportunity of working in IMRE for my Final Year Project (FYP). It provided me with the opportunity to work on subject which I would not have touch on in my course of study, and has given me invaluable experience as a researcher. This experience was enjoyable thanks to the helpful and friendly staff of IMRE and the guidance given to me by Dr. Pan Jisheng and Dr. Zhang Zheng.” 

Chew Shu Ying
School of Chemical and Life Sciences
Singapore Polytechnic

FYP Title: Surface and Interface Studies of Metal Nano-particles Grown on Titanium Dioxide Surfaces as Supported Model Catalysts

"Working with like-minded individuals has been a great learning experience in IMRE. I see IMRE as a common platform for experts to share and to exchange ideas and knowledge, where the fusion of knowledge provides me the opportunity to learn beyond the normal academic framework. With the proper guidance from Professor Hong Liang and Dr. Tay Siok Wei, my FYP in IMRE is a fruitful one. It is indeed a fun and enjoyable learning journey in IMRE."
Wilson Tay Way Seng
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
National University of Singapore
FYP Title: Construction of Fast Ion Transport Channels in Hydrogel

Working in IMRE provided me with an opportunity to work on an industry project and to experience the working life of a researcher in a well-equipped lab. Apart from the guidance of Prof Hong Liang and Dr Tay Siok Wei, the friendly and helpful staff in IMRE has also helped me greatly in my project. I really enjoyed my stay in IMRE.”
Guo Tengwen
Chemical Engineering Department
National University of Singapore
FYP Title: “Enhancing Scratch Resistance of Polymer Coating Through Crosslinked Mixed Matrix”s

"I am really glad to have the opportunity of working in the IMRE labs for my FYP. With the guidance from my supervisors, I was able to pick up and familiarize myself with new laboratory techniques. Apart from new knowledge, I also experienced, first-hand, how knowledge from the classroom can be translated to and applied in a research setting. This gave me a better idea of what working in the research industry is like. Working in IMRE has indeed been an invaluable experience."
Chua Jie Shi
Department of Bioengineering
National University of Singapore
FYP Title: Injectable Supramolecular Hydrogel for Controlled Release Applications

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