Talent Development

Industrial Attachment Students

“My internship at IMRE has given me the opportunity to apply and practice the knowledge and skills obtained during my study, as well as make use of many resources not as readily available elsewhere. It was also a truly enriching and inspiring experience to observe how researchers here are able to think outside the box to come up with simple yet elegant solutions to the many problems they inevitably encounter in their work."

Peter Low Zhi Yong
Materials Science and Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Industrial Attachment at IMRE, July to December 2012

“My internship at IMRE was awesome! During the internship, I was given a chance to learn how to perform scientific experiment productively and also get to be acquainted with numerous data analysis methods. Thanks to my supervisor (Dr. Cedric Troadec), research scientists and lovely staffs in IMRE. They have always share their valuable knowledge and given me a lot of guidance. I am certain that the many skills I have acquired here will benefit me in my future career!”

Ong Xlo Juan
Division of Physics & Applied Physics
Nanyang Technological University
Internship at IMRE, July to December 2012

“It has been an insightful experience working in IMRE. With the guidance, support and patience from my supervisor and valuable assistance from the staffs in IMRE, I am able to acquire practical experiences and knowledge. In addition, I have learned that communication, interpersonal skills and teamwork are important in an organization. Overall, it has been a fruitful and memorable experience working in IMRE.”

Adelle Khang Ru Hui
Pharmaceutical Science
Temasek Polytechnic
Polytechnic Industrial/Internship Attachment Programme,
September 2012 to Jan 2013
Project Title: The Application of Sonogashira Coupling Reaction in the Synthesis of Luminogenic Materials

"My internship at IMRE had equipped me with a strong grasp of the essential requirement and mindset for research. Technical knowledge, as well as interpersonal skills were being constantly imparted to me during the internship. The environment has been extremely conducive for teamwork and allows us to freely express our enquiries. With all the positive experience, it had made the time spent in IMRE an eventful and memorable experience."

Sim Joo Huang
Physics & Applied Physics
Nanyang Technological University
Internship at IMRE, January - June 2011

My internship at IMRE allowed me to learn and experience firsthand what a career in research would look like. More importantly, it gave me the opportunity to learn practical skill and knowledge through my research project that went far beyond what I would have learnt in the classroom."

Annabel Chew
Applied Physics and Mathematics
Columbia University
Internship at IMRE, June to August 2011

"I spent my summer interning at IMRE and it was a great experience. Working with experts from different disciplines was very stimulating and I appreciated their enthusiasm in collaboration. I was also excited by the partnership between IMRE and various industries, allowing me to see how a research institute responds to industrial needs, yet without compromising basic research and education."

Project Title: "Enhanced Ordering in Gold Nanoparticles Self-Assembly through Excess Free Ligands"
Cindy Lau
Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Princeton University

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