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Dr. LIU Songlin

Senior Scientist I


Polymer Composite (PMC) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

· Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic prepregs (CFRTP) and composite

· Carbon fibre sizing agents and process development

· Polymer nanocomposites

· Wafer level packaging materials

· Manufacturing of polymer composite

· Characterization of fan-out wafer level packaging (FOWLP) materials

· Toughening of biodegradable polymers

· Polymer processing

·  Transparent low CTE films for flexible electronics

· Membrane Materials and technology for gas separation

· Fabrication of Thermoplastic Prepregs for Rapid Composite Manufacturing

· Development of Advanced Modelling Capabilities for Addressing the Critical Issues and Reliability Challenge of Fan-out Wafer Level    Packaging (FOVLP)

· Understanding the Structure Changes of Packaging Materials during Processing and their Correlation with Bulk Properties

· High Strength and Toughness Polyolefin Composites

· Materials Development and Prototype Fabrication of Composite Cultivation Cell for Deep Sea Exploration

· Influence of Moisture and Temperature on the Deformation and Yield Response of Epoxy Resins

· Evaluating a Composite Scarf Repair Scheme for Improvement

· 2014 - Present Scientist, Senior Scientist, IMRE
· 2010 - 2013      Laboratory Head, Bayer MaterialScience
· 2009 - 2010      Senior Research Fellow, NUS
· 2002 - 2009      Senior Research Fellow, SIMTech
· 1997 - 2002      Senior Research Officer, IMRE
· 1993 - 1994      Research Assistant, City University of Hong Kong
· 1990 - 1996      Research Associate, Institute of Chemistry, CAS
· PhD (Chemical Engineering), National University of Singapore
· M.Eng (Polymer Materials), Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
· B.Eng (Polymer Materials), Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
· IES (Institute of Engineers, Singapore) Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards 2010
· Member of the American Chemical Society since 09/2002
· Member of the Materials Research Society since 12/2002

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· S. L. Liu, H. L. Ouh, A. Schmidt, “Transparent composite film having a low coefficient of thermal expansion”
· S. L. Liu, H. L. Ouh, A. Schmidt, “Black composite film having a low coefficient of thermal expansion”
· S. L. Liu, H. L. Ouh, A. Schmidt, “Colorless, transparent and heat resistant polyurethane films and method for manufacturing the same”
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· C. H. Lau, T. S. Chung, S. L. Liu, L. Shao, J. Z. Xia, “Ultra-permeable membranes for gas separation”

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