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Mr. CHAI Jianwei

Scientist II


Electronic Materials (ELE) Department

(+65) 6319 4789

2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

- XPS, UPS characterisation techniques

- Growth of Inorganic functional materials, such as 2D and bulk TMD materials, ZnO,VO¬2,TiO2 and other  functional oxides

- Characterisation of materials with X-Ray photoemission spectrum (XPS), Ultraviolet  photoemission spectrum(UPS).

- Growth of films and nanostructures with PLD and sputtering technologies.

- Develop and characterization of  semiconductor  and optoelectronics devices

- Expertise in maintenance and application of ultra high vacuum (UHV) technologies

- Growth of wafer scale 2D

- Failure analysis of semiconductor devices and nano-composites

- Growth of VO2 films and development of devices base on VO2 films

- Modification of materials surface by atomic O and N

-    1998 - Current                   Scientist II, IMRE

-              01/2003~07/2008 PH.D., Nanyang Technological University

-              9/1994~7/1997 M.Sc., Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research,  Chinese Academy of Science

-              9/1990~7/1994 B.Sc, ChengDu College of Science and Technology

MRS member since 2001

1) Origin of Al Deficient Ti2AlN and Pathways of Vacancy-Assisted Diffusion

Zhang, Z ; Jin, HM ; Pan, JS ; Chai, JW ; Wong, LM ; Sullivan, MB; Wang, SJ.

J.PHY. CHEM. CVol. 119 ,ISS.29, P16606-16613,JUL 23 2015

2) Large-scale two-dimensional MoS2 photodetectors by magnetron sputtering

Ling, ZP; Yang, R ; Chai, JW; Wang, SJ; Leong, WS; Tong, Y; Lei, D; Zhou, Q ,

OPT.EXP. Vol.23 Iss.10P13580-13586 MAY 18 2015

3) ZnO Nanorods with Low Intrinsic Defects and High Optical Performance

Grown by Facile Microwave-Assisted Solution Method

Tang, J; Chai, JW ; Huang, J; Deng, LY; Nguyen, XS; Sun, LF; Venkatesan, T ;

Shen, ZX; Tay, CB; Chua, SJ

ACS APPL. MAT. & INTER.Vol. 7 Iss. 8 P4737-4743 MAR 4 2015

4) Effect of interfacial coupling on photocatalytic performance of large scale

MoS2/TiO2 hetero-thin films

Tao, JG; Chai, JW; Guan, LX; Pan, JS; Wang, SJ

APPL.PHY.LETT. Vol. 106 Iss. 8 FEB 23 2015

5) Electrical oscillation in Pt/VO2 bilayer strips

Wang, Y; Chai, JW; Wang, SJ; Qi, L; Yang, YM; Xu, YJ; Tanaka, H; Wu, YH

J. APPL. PHY. Vol. 117 Iss. 6 FEB 14 2015

6) Eggplant-derived microporous carbon sheets: towards mass production of efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts at low cost for rechargeable Zn-air batteries

Li, B; Geng, DS ; Lee, XS ; Ge, XM ; Chai, JW ; Wang, ZJ ; Zhang, J ; Liu, ZL;

Hor, TSA; Zong, Y

CHEM. COMM. Vol. 51 Iss.42 P 8841-8844 2015

7) Growth of wafer-scale MoS2 monolayer by magnetron sputtering

Tao, JG; Chai, JW ; Lu, X; Wong, LM; Wong, TI ; Pan, JS; Xiong, QH ; Chi, DZ ;

Wang, SJ

NANOSCALEVol. 7 Iss. 6 P. 2497-2503 2015



8) Desorption of Al and Phase Transformation of Ti(2)AIN MAX Thin Film

upon Annealing in Ultra-High-Vacuum

Zhang, Z ; Jin, HM ; Chai, JW ; Shen, L ; Seng, HL ; Pan, JS; Wong, LM ;

Sullivan, MB ; Wang, SJ,

J.PHY. CHEM. C Vol. 118 Iss. 36 P20927-20939 SEP 11 2014


9) Electrochemically "Writing" Graphene from Graphene Oxide"

Liu, L (Liu, Liang)

Tan, CL; Chai, JW; Wu, SX; Radko, A; Zhang,; Mandler, D

SMALL Vol.10,Iss. 17 P: 3555-3559. SEP 10 2014,


10) The energy-band alignment at molybdenum disulphide and high-k

dielectrics interfaces

Tao, JG; Chai, JW ; Zhang, Z ;Pan, JS Wang, SJ

APPL.PHY.LETT. Vol. 104, Iss. 23 JUN 9 2014



11) Determination of carrier concentration dependent electron effective mass

and scattering time of n-ZnO thin film by terahertz time domain


Tang, J; Deng, LY; Tay, CB ; Zhang, XH; Chai, JW; Qin, H; Liu, HW; Venkatesan, T

Chua, SJ

J. APPL. PHY. Vol.115, Iss. 3 JAN 21 2014


12) Atomic N Modified Rutile TiO2(110) Surface Layer with

Significant Visible Light Photoactivity

Tao, JG; Yang,M; Chai, JW; Pan, JS;Feng, YP; Wang, SJ

J.PHY. CHEM. C Vol.118, Iss. 2, P 994-1000 JAN 16 2014


13) Growth of single crystalline TaON on yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ)

Tao, JG ; Chai, JW; Wong, LM ; Zhang, Z ; Pan, JS ; Wang, SJ ,

J.PHY. CHEM. C Vol. 204 P. 27-31 AUG 2013 ,


14) Charge Distribution in the Single Crystalline Ti2AlN Thin Films Grown on

MgO(111) Substrates

Zhang, Z; Nie, YG ; Shen, L ; Chai, JW ; Pan, JS ; Wong, LM ;

Sullivan, MB Jin, HM ;Wang, SJ

J.PHY. CHEM. C Vol. 117 Iss. 22 P11656-11662 JUN 6 2013



15) Fabrication of a TiNx/Ni/Au Contact on ZnO Films With High   

      Thermal Stability and Low Resistance

Chai, JW; Yang, M; Chi, DZ ; Ong, JLT ; Wang, SJ ; Zhang, Z ; Pan, JS;  Chua,SJ,

IEEE .TRAN. ELE.DEV. Vol. 58   Issue: 12  P 4297-4300, DEC 2011.


16)Effects of nitrogen incorporation on the electronic structure of rutile-TiO2

 Chai, JW;  Yang, M; Chen, Q; Pan, JS; Zhang, Z; Feng, YP 2; Wang, SJ;

J. APPL.  PHY.  Vol. 109   Iss.  JAN 15 2011.



17) In situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies of HfO2 gate dielectric on SiC “,

Chen, Q ;  Feng, YP; Chai, JW; Zhang, Z; Pan, JS; Wang, SJ;

THIN SOLID FILMS Vol. 518   Iss.24    P. E31-E33, OCT 1 2010.


18) Band alignments at SrZrO3/Ge(001) interface: Thermal annealing effects

 Yang, M;  Deng, WS; Chen, Q; Feng, YP; Wong, LM; Chai, JW; Pan, JS; Wang, SJ; Ng, CM; 

APPL.SURF. SCI.Vol. 256   Iss. 15   P4850-4853, MAY 15 2010. 


19) X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies of nitridation on 4H-SiC (0001) surface by direct  nitrogen atomic source

Chai, JW; Pan, JS; Zhang, Z ; Wang, SJ; Chen, Q ; Huan, CHA

APPL. PHY. LETT.  Vol. 92   Iss. MAR 3 2008


20)Thermal behaviour of ultra-thin Co overlayers on rutile TiO2(100) surface

 Chai, JW;   Pan, JS; Wang, SJ; Huan, CHA ; Lau, GS; Zheng, YB; Xu, S; SURF.SCI.  Vol. 589   Iss.1-3   P 32-41    SEP 1 2005

CHAI Jianwei; TAO Junguang;WANG Shijie. Large Area Layer Controlled Growth of Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides , PCT Patent , PCT/SG2015/050231 ,ETPL ref: IMR/P/08544/01/PCT

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