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Dr. CHAN Yin Thai

Senior Scientist I


Joint Appointments, Nanomaterials (NMA) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

- Colloidal semiconductor quantum dots and their applications in diagnostics and optoelectronics

- Large-scale integrated microfluidics for diagnostics

- Wet-chemical synthesis and characterization of II-VI, III-V and IV-VI semiconductor quantum dots
- Quantum dot based optical devices
- Fabrication of large-scale integrated microfluidic devices

- Microfluidics Systems Biology
- Plasmonic Light-emitting Devices
- Synthesis of Type II tetrapods for photovoltaic applications

2016 - Current  Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies & Research, NUS (Faculty of Science)

2016 - Current  Senior Scientist I, IMRE

2009 - 2016      Scientist III, IMRE 
2014 - Current  Associate Professor, NUS (Chemistry)  
2008 - 2014      Assistant Professor, NUS (Chemistry)
2006 – 2008     Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University

- Ph.D. (Chemistry), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, 2006
- B.S. (Chemistry), University of California at Berkeley, USA, 2001

- 2014 Distinguished Lectureship Award: 94th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan, Asian International Symposium
- 2012 Excellent Young Teacher Award (Faculty level), NUS
- 2002 Graduate Student award for excellence in teaching, MIT (USA)
- 1999/2000 Dean's list, College of Chemistry, UC-Berkeley (USA)

- Singapore National Institute of Chemistry member
- American Chemical Society member
- Materials Research Society member

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†Denotes corresponding author

- Chan, Y.; Zimmer, J.P.; Bawendi, M.G.; Tracy, J.B.; Insin, N. “Microspheres Including Nanoparticles,” Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) WO/2006/020294, 2006.

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- Chakrabortty, S.; Mishra, N.; Chan, Y. “Spontaneous Assembly of Various Semiconductor Nanostructures via All-Inorganic  Linkages for Optoelectronic Applications” US Provisional Application No.: 61/838,987, 2013

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