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Dr. PHANG In Yee

Scientist II


Advanced Characterisation and Instrumentation (ACI) Department

6501 1862

2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

Raman spectroscopy
Scanning probe microscopy-based nano-mechanic study
Dynamic shape shifting structure

Atomic Force Microscopy
Raman Microscopy


2017 – Now, Project Leader, Dynamic Interfaces with Intelligent Responses
2017 – Now, Co-Project Leader, Light responsive surfaces
2017 – 2018, Project Leader, Nanoscale Evaluation of Hair Samples with Environmental Control

2017 – Now Scientist II, IMRE
2011 – 2017 Scientist I, IMRE
2015 – Now Application Scientist, Technospex Pte Ltd
(Under Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-UP) scheme)


- Ph.D. (Polymer Technology), University of Twente, The Netherlands, 2008
- M. Eng. (Mechanical Engineering), National University of Singapore, Singapore 2004
- B. Eng. (Mechanical Engineering), University of Adelaide, Australia, 1999



Recent journal publications
- G. C. Phan-Quang, H. K. Lee, H. W. Teng, C. S. L. Koh, B. Q. Yim , E. K. M. Tan, W. L. Tok, I. Y. Phang*, X. Y. Ling*. "Plasmonic Hotspots in the Air: Omnidirectional and Three-dimensional Platform for Stand-off In-air SERS Sensing of Airborne Species". Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2018, 57, 5792-5796.

- H. K. Lee, C. S. L. Koh, C. Liu, Y. H. Lee, I. Y. Phang, X. Han, C.-K. Tsung, X. Y. Ling*. "Favoring the Unfavored: Selective Electrochemical Nitrogen-to-ammonia Transformation at Ambient Conditions using a Reticular Chemistry Approach". Science Advances 2018, 4, eaar3208.

- C. L. Lay, C. S. L. Koh, J. Wang, Y. H. Lee, R. Jiang, Y. Yang, Z. Yang, I. Y. Phang*, X. Y. Ling*. "Aluminum Nanostructures with Strong Visible-range SERS Activity for Versatile Micropatterning of Molecular Security Labels". Nanoscale 2018, 10, 575-581.

- H. K. Lee, Y. H. Lee, J. V. Morabito, Y. Liu, C. S. L. Koh, I. Y. Phang, S. Pedireddy X. Han, L. Chou, C.K Tsung*, X. Y. Ling*. "Driving CO2 to a Quasi-Condensed Phase at the interface between a nanoparticle surface and a metal-organic framework at 1bar and 298K". Journal of the American Chemical Society 2017, 139, 11513-11518.

- Y. Andriani, J. M. W. Chua, B. Y. J. Chua, I. Y. Phang, N. S. Chang*, W. S. Tan*. "Polyurethane acrylates as effective substrates for sustained in vitro culture of human myotubes". Acta Biomaterialia 2017, 57, 115-126.

- G. C. Phan-Quang, E. H. Z. Wee, F. Yang, H. K. Lee, I. Y. Phang, X. Feng, R. A. Alvarez-Puebla, X. Y. Ling*. "Online Flow Colloidosomes for Sequential Multi-analyte High-Throughput SERS Analysis". Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2017, 56, 5565-5569.

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- C. L. Lay, M. R. Lee, H. K. Lee, I. Y. Phang, X. Y. Ling*. "Transformative Two-Dimensional Array Configurations by Geometrical Shape-shifting Protein Microstructures". ACS Nano 2015, 9, 9708-9717.

- W. Gao, H. K. Lee, J. Hobley, T. Liu*, I. Y. Phang*, Xing Yi Ling*. "Graphene Liquid Marbles as Photothermal Miniature Reactors for Reaction Kinetics Modulation". Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2015, 54, 3993-3996. # Hot Paper # Highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology 2015,10 (3), 201.

US Patent No. 9,233,393 ; US Patent Application No. 13/847,193  
A process for creating lithographically-defined plasmonic structures with enhanced Q-factors 
Inventors: Joel K.W. Yang; Michel BOSMAN; Huigao DUAN; Karthik KUMAR; In Yee PHANG


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