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Dr. SADOVOY, Anton Valentinovich

Scientist II


Nanofabrication (NFB) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way, Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

  • Fluorescent spectroscopy for analysis of fluids physico-chemical properties with application in food quality assessment, medical imaging and environment monitoring
  • Laser, optical, spectroscopical techniques in application of material surface and bulk properties characterization
  • Layer-by-layer encapsulation technique for development of encapsulated sensors
  • Light scattering in disorder media, speckle interferometry technique
  • Advanced optical microscopy and spectroscopy
  • Layer-by-layer technique for encapsulation fluorescent dyes
  • Design and development optical instruments and technologies
  • Programming Labview, Python
  • Express Food Monitoring System for the measurement of packaged food-freshness and reduction of spoiled food propagation in the supply chain
  • Multimodal NDT method for surface cracks inspection
  • Food freshness evaluation system - phase 1
  • Photoacoustic microscopy for detecting of nanoparticle concentration
  • Membrane Film Sensor for meet freshness
  • Encapsulated oil-in-water emulsion using layer-by-layer technique

Scientist II, Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, A*STAR, Singapore


Research Assistant, Saratov State University, Russia

  • PhD, Saratov State University, Russia, 2009


    2017                     National Junior College Partner's Award (Individual) for support of the College Programmes and student development efforts
    2007 - 2009  FP7-ICT-2007-2 (224014 PHOTONICS4LIFE)
    2006 - 2008 RFBR grant 07-02-01467. Coherent optical correlometry of dispersed media and composite materials on the base of nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes: the development of diagnostical techniques and their applications in material science
    2006                        CRDF RUX0-006-SR-06/BP1M06
    2006 INTAS travel grant

Treasurer, SPIE, Saratov chapter, Russia

  1. Ekaterina Borvinskaya, Anton Gurkov, Ekaterina Shchapova, Boris Baduev, Zhanna Shatilina, Anton Sadovoy, Igor Meglinski, Maxim Timofeyev. In vivo monitoring of pH in gill capillaries and muscles of fishes using microencapsulated biomarkers, Biology open 6 (5), 673-677
  2. A. Pena, A. Sadovoy, A. Doronin, A. Bykov, I. Meglinski Evaluation of Freshness of Soft Tissue Samples with Optical Coherence TomographyAssisted by Low Frequency Electric Field. Modern Technologies in Medicine, 2015,  7, 69-74
  3. Song HY, Wong TI, Sadovoy A,Wu L,  Bai P, Deng J, Guo Sh, Wang Y, Knoll W, Zhou X. Imprinted gold 2D nanoarray for highly sensitive and convenient PSA detection via plasmon excited quantum dots. Lab on Chip, 2015, 15, 253
  4. Paramelle D, Sadovoy A.,* Free P.,* Gorelik S., Hobley J., Fernig D.G. A rapid method to estimate the concentration of citrate capped silver nanoparticles from UV-visible light spectra. Analyst, 2014, 139, 4855
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  6. A.V. Sadovoy*, C. Teh, V. Korz, M. Escobar, I. Meglinski. Microencapsulated bio-markers for assessment of stress conditions in aquatic organisms in vivo. Laser Physics Letters. 2012.  DOI 10.1002/lapl.201210020
  7. B. Siebenhofer, S. Gorelik, A. Sadovoy, M.J. Lear, H.Y. Song, C. Nowak, J. Hobley. Photoconversion of spiropyran to merocyanine in a monolayer observed using nanosecond pump-probe brewster angle reflectometry. Australian Journal of Chemistry. 2012. V. 65, 3: 283-289
  8. L. Tang, J. Hobley, A. SADOVOY, S. GORELIK, L.K. Ping, W.Ch. Lee, H. Shi, C. T. Lim, E. Y. L. Wong . Highly wrinkled cross-linked graphene oxide membranes for biological and charge-storage applications. Small. 2012. DOI:10.1002/smll.201101690   
  9. M.V. Kiryukhin, S.M. Man,  AV Sadovoy, H.Y. Low, G.B. Sukhorukov. Peculiarities of polyelectrolyte multilayer assembly on patterned surfaces. Langmuir. 2011,  V. 27, 13: 8430-8436 
  10. A.V. Sadovoy, M.V. Kiryukhin, G.B. Sukhorukov,M.N. Antipina. Kinetic stability of water-dispersed oil droplets encapsulated in a polyelectrolyte multilayer shell. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2011, V.13, 9: 4005-4012 
  11. A.V. Sadovoy *,  A.B. Shipovskaya. Transmission and small-angle scattering of light by nematic liquid crystal-cellulose diacetate composite with self-organized structure. Technical physics letters. 2010, V. 36,  121150-1153
  12. A.V. Sadovoy*, D.N. Bratashov, A.M. Yashenok, U.I. Svenskaya, G.B. Sukhorukov. Stabilizing of liquid crystal water based emulsion using layer-by-layer absorption of polyelectrolyte layers and magnetic nanoparticles. Technical physics letters. 2010 V. 36,  188-91
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  14. A. V. Sadovoy*, A. B. Shipovskaya, V. F. Nazvanov Self-organization and electrooptical characteristics of a nematic liquid crystal-cellulose diacetate composite. Technical Physics Letters, V. 34, N. 12, p. 1002
  15. D. A. Zimnyakov, A. V. Sadovoy, M. A. Vilenskii, P. V. Zakharov and R. Myllylä. Critical behavior of phase interfaces in porous media: Analysis of scaling properties with the use of noncoherent and coherent light. JETP, 2009, Volume 108, Number 2. 311-325
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  17. D.A. Zimnyakov, A.V. Sadovoy, M.A. Vilensky. White-light and speckle-correlation analysis of imbibition in porous media: critical properties of near-pinned interfaces . Proceedings of SPIE on Eight International Conference on Correlation Optics. 2007, V.7008,
  18. M. Vilensky, D.A. Zimnyakov,  A.V. Sadovoy Speckle-based probes of scattering media with the use of frequency-modulated laser light . Proceedings of SPIE on Eight International Conference on Correlation Optics, V.7008, 2007
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  21. A. Sadovoy*, Y. Dubovik, V. Nazvanov. Carbon nanotubes aligning by Langmuir-Blodgett technique and visualizing by nematic liquid crystals . Proc. SPIE Vol. 6536





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