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Mr. SONG Xiaolu

Scientist I


Soft Materials (SOF) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634.

Research Details

Synthesis, characterisation of transition metal complexes and study of their applications in photoluminescence and catalytic reactions. Nanoparticle synthesis, characterization and applications in coating
Very familiar with organic synthesis reactions including air and moisture sensitive reactions using Schlenk technique. Very familiar with operation and maintenance of high pressure reactor, glovebox, GC-MS, LC-MS. Expert in product purifications and crystal growth. Familiar with analytical techniques such as SEM, TEM, TPD/TPR, HPLC, Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction, ESI-MS, DLS, GC-MS, XRD, TGA-MS, IR, XPS, UV-vis and NMR. Have work experience both in institute and industry.

Aug 2014 to date, Scientist I, Institute of Material Research and Engineering (Singapore)


Sept 2013 to July 2014, Specialist II, Institute of Material Research and Engineering (Singapore)

June 2008 – Nov 2008, Research assistant, Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore(Singapore)

July 2005 – July 2006, associate scientist, Sundia MediTech Company, LTD, (P. R. China)


PhD, National University of Singapore, 2015

M. Sc, German Institute of Science and Technology, Singapore, 2008

B. Sc (Hons), Nanjing University, P. R. China, 2005

2009-2013 NUS Research Scholarship for Ph.D. study
Since 2009, Member of Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (Singapore)

 a)      X. Song, Z. Wang, J. Zhao, T. S. A. Hor, Sodium Cubane and Double-Cubane Aggregates of Hybridised Salicylaldimines and their Transmetallation to Nickel for Catalytic Ethylene Oligomerisation, Chem. Commun., 2013, 49(44), 4992-4994

b)     X. Song, M. H. Lim, D. K. B. Mohamed, S. M. Wong, J. Zhao, T.S. A. Hor, Re(I) carbonyl complexes containing pyridyl-imine and amine ligands: Synthesis, characterization and their catalytic olefin epoxidation Activities, J. Organomet. Chem., 2016, 814, 1-7

c)         F. Xue, Y. K. Loh, X. Song, W. J. Teo, J. Y. D. Chua, J. Zhao, T. S. A. Hor, Nickel-Catalyzed Facile [2+2+2] Cyclotrimerization of Unactivated Internal Alkynes to Polysubstituted Benzenes, Chem. Asian J., 2017, 12, 168 –173

d)      X. Song‡, Z. Wang, L. Jiang, J. Zhao, T. S. A. Hor, Seven-Coordinate Mo(II) Diiodo Complexes with Benzothiazole-NHC Ligands and Their Mo(0) Precursors: Synthesis, Structure and Catalytic Application in Cis-Cyclooctene Epoxidation, Asian J. Org. Chem., 2018, 7(2), 395-403 

e)      F. Xue‡, X. Song‡, T. T. Lin, K. Munkerup, S. Albawardi, K.-W. Huang, T. S. A. Hor, J. Zhao, Dimerization of Terminal Aryl Alkynes Catalysed by Iron(II) Amine-Pyrazolyl Tripodal Complexes with E/Z-Selectivity Controlled by tert-Butoxide, ACS Omega, 2018, 3(5), 5071-5077

f)       Z. Wang, L. Jiang, C. K. Ng, X. Song, T. S. A. Hor, J. Zhao, Isolation and Crystallographic Identification of Photoactive Pt-II Tris- and Bis(N-methylbenzimidazole-NHC) Complexes, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2018, 39, 4338-4344

‡: The two authors have equal contribution to this work

a)         J. Zhao, P. Wang, X. Song, Composite powder and methods thereof, Singapore Patent Application No. 10201802489U

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