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Dr. SU Xiaodi

Senior Scientist III /Head, Nanomaterials


IMRE staff with Adjunct Appointment in University/Industry, Nanomaterials (NMA) Department

(+65) 6416 8921

2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

Advanced analytical techniques for medical diagnosis, food safety and environmental monitoring 
Nanomaterials based Process analytical technology (PAT) for pharmbio 
Non-invasive  POC Nanosensors 

Synthesize, functionalization, and processing of metal nanoparticles
Nanomaterial based sensor and assay design 
Studying biomolecular interactions using surface sensitive analytical techniques, e.g. SPR, SPR imager, QCM, DPI, and fluorescent spectroscopy etc.

Nanoparticles-based optical sensors for circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA)
POC sensors for tear diagnosis 
Microbal sensors for industrial water 

Feb 1998 - Current      Research Fellow, Research Scientist, and Senior Scientist, IMRE
March 2017-current     Adjunct Professor,  School of Engineering and Science , University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia
Dec 2012 - Current      Adjunct Associate Professor, Dept. Chemistry, National University of Singapore  
1997 - 1998                 Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore
1996-1997                   Postdoc Fellow, Applied Chemistry Department, Tianjin University, China
  • Ph. D. in Chemistry, Nankai University, China, 1995
  • M. Sc. in Chemistry, Nankai University, China, 1992
  • B. Sc. in Chemistry, Tianjin Normal University, China, 1986
Best Poster Award in the MRS-S Trilateral Conference, Singapore (2010)

Best Poster Award in A-STAR Chemical Symposium, Singapore (2009)

Outstanding University Researcher Award, "Piezoelectric Biosensors for Medial and Veterinary Diagnosis", National University of Singapore (1999)

Second Award of Best Postgraduate Student, Nankai University, China (1992)
Technical program committee, 11th Asian Conference on Chemical Sensors (ACCS 2015).

Co-chair ICMAT 2015. Symposium DD. Biohybrid NanoMaterials - Design and Applications

Organization Committee of the 15th Asian Chemical Congress, Singapore, Aug 19-23, 2013. Symposium Chairs

Member of American Chemical Society, 2012-date

Member of National Institute of Singapore (SNIC), 2010-date
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