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Ms. SUBRAMANIAN Gomathy Sandhya

Specialist II


Advanced Characterisation and Instrumentation (ACI) Department

(+65) 6319 4862

2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

- Materials Analysis and Characterization
- Bioimaging

- Microscopy and mapping: Brightfield, Darkfield, Fluorescence intensity & lifetime, Raman
- Spectroscopy: steady state UV-Vis-NIR absorption & reflectance, ns-transient absorption, Raman, Fluorescence
- Kinetics: Time-resolved absorption & photoluminescence kinetics

2017 – current: Member, “Dynamic Interfaces with Intelligent Responses”. SERC Pharos program.
2017 – 2018: “UV-Vis-NIR reflectance measurements on hair” Consultancy Service for Industry Partner.
2016 – 2018: Member, “Laser Material Removal for Scarfing Curved Composite”. SERC Aerospace program.
2016 – 2018: Member, “DNA-Programmable Nanoplasmonics”. Project in collaboration with Molecular Engineering Lab.
2016 – 2016: Member, “Consultancy Service On Characterization Of Pollutants On Hair”. Service Project with Industry Partner.
2013 – 2016: Member, “Synthetic Heparan Sulfates for Bone Trauma”. JCO-DP program in collaboration with Institute of Medical Biology (IMB).
2013 – 2015: Member, “Use of Laser for Composite Material Removal for Composite Repair”. SERC Aerospace program.
2013 – 2014: Member, “Investigating Autofluorescence in chips created for diagnostic devices” and “Systematic study on the mechanism of action of UV-cure adhesive.” Consultancy Service for Industry Partner.
2013 – 2013: Member, “Mechanical Analysis of PEEK-based polymer films”. Consultancy Service for Industry Partner.
2010 – 2013: Member, “Ultrafast transient absorption techniques to study charge generation dynamics for holistic OPV materials and devices characterization from charge generation to collection”. A*STAR-JST collaboration project with researchers from Japan Science and Technology Agency.
2008 – 2010: Member, “A novel means of imaging axonal guidance using optical microscopy and SPM”. Project in collaboration with Institute of Medical Biology (IMB).

2008 – current: Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, A*STAR, Singapore

B.Eng (Hons) in Bioengineering, National University of Singapore, 2008

- Best Poster Award at IMRE Scientific Research Forum, 2017

- Best Poster Award at Molecular Materials Meeting (M3) conference, 2012

- NJC Partners Award, 2010

- NUS Undergraduate Scholarship for Bioengineering (2004 - 2008)

Time-resolved absorption and emission studies

- Ning Li, Gomathy Sandhya Subramanian, Peter D. Matthews, James Xiao, Vijila Chellappan, Timothy E. Rosser, Erwin Reisner, He-Kuan Luo* and Dominic S. Wright*. “Energy transfer and photoluminescence properties of lanthanide-containing polyoxotitanate cages coordinated by salicylate ligands”. Dalton Trans., 2018,47, 5679-5686.
- Tao, Y., Jun, X., Petrović, M., Shi, C., Chellappan, V., Subramanian, G.S., Sum, T.C., Bin, L., Qihua, X. and Ramakrishna, S. “Temperature effect of the compact TiO2 layer in planar perovskite solar cells: An interfacial electrical, optical and carrier mobility study”. Sol. Energ. Mat. Sol. Cells. 2017, 163, 242-249.
- Siao Li Liew,* Gomathy Sandhya Subramanian, Chin Seng Chua and He-Kuan Luo*. “Studies into the Yb-doping effects on photoelectrochemical properties of WO3 photocatalysts”. RSC Adv., 2016, 6, 19452-19458.
- Andre Duerrbeck, Sergey Gorelik, Jonathan Hobley, Anna Marie Yong, Gomathy Sandhya Subramanian, Andy Hor* and Nicholas Long*. “New solid-state Eu(III)-containing metallo-supramolecular polymers: morphology control and optical wave-guiding properties”. J. Mater. Chem. C. 2015, 3, 8992.
- Liew, S.L., Zhang, Z., Goh G.T.W, Subramanian, G.S., Leng, D.S.H., Hor, A.T.S., Luo, H-K. and Chi, D. “Yb-doped WO3 photocatalysts for water oxidation with visible light.” Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 2014, 39:9, 4291–4298.
- Johannes Brennecke, Christopher Ochs, Aïcha Boudhar, Bastien Reux, Gomathy Sandhya Subramanian, Martin J.Lear, Dieter Trau and Jonathan Hobley. “Design, preparation and assessment of surface-immobilised tetraphenylethenes for biosensing applications.” Appl. Surf. Sci. 2014, 307, 475 - 481.
- Williams, E.L.; Gorelik, S.; Phang, I.Y.; Bosman, M.; Chellappan, V.; Subramanian, G.S.; Sonar, P.; Hobley, J.; Singh, S.P.; Matsuzaki, H.; Furube, A.; Katoh, R.; “Nanoscale phase domain structure and associated device performance of organic solar cells based on a diketopyrrolopyrrole polymer.” RSC Advances 2013, 3 (43), 20113 – 20124.
- Chellappan Vijila, Samarendra Singh, Evan Williams, Prashant Sonar, Almantas Pivrikas, Bronson Philippa, Ronald White, Elumalai Naveen Kumar, S. Gomathy Sandhya, Sergey Gorelik, Jonathan Hobley, Akihiro Furube, Hiroyuki Matsuzaki, and Ryuzi Katoh. “Relation between charge carrier mobility and lifetime in organic photovoltaics.” J. Appl. Phys. 2013, 114, 184503.

Raman microspectroscopy

- Avishek Kumar*, Per I. Widenborg, Goutam K. Dalapati*, Cangming Ke, Gomathy Sandhya Subramanian, and Armin Aberle. “Controlling Stress in Large-Grained Solid Phase Crystallized n-Type Poly-Si Thin Films To Improve Crystal Quality.” Cryst. Growth Des., 2015, 15 (3), pp 1067–1072.
- Mehdi Rouhani, Jonathan Hobley, Gomathy Sandhya Subramanian, In Yee Phang, Yong Lim Foo and Sergey Gorelik. “The influence of initial stoichiometry on the mechanism of photochromism of molybdenum oxide amorphous films.” Sol Energ Mat Sol C. 2014, 126, 26–35.
- Kumar, A.; Law, F.; Dalapati, G.K.; Subramanian, G.S.; Widenborg, P.I. ; Tan H.R.; Aberle, A.G. “Synthesis and characterization of large-grain solid-phase crystallized polycrystalline silicon thin films.” J. Vac. Sci. Technol., A. 2014, 32:6, 061509.
- Maxim V. Kiryukhin, Sergey R. Gorelik, Shu Mei Man, Gomathy Sandhya Subramanian, Maria N. Antipina, Hong Yee Low, Gleb B. Sukhorukov. “Individually Addressable Patterned Multilayer Microchambers for Site‐Specific Release‐On‐Demand.” Macromol. Rapid Commun. 2013 11;34(1):87-93.
- Mehdi Rouhani, Yong L. Foo, Jonathan Hobley, Jisheng Pan, Gomathy Sandhya Subramanian, Xiaojiang Yu, Andrivo Rusydi, Sergey Gorelik. “Photochromism of amorphous molybdenum oxide films with different initial Mo5+ relative concentrations.” Appl. Surf. Sci. 2013. 273, 150-158.
- Maxim V. Kiryukhin, Shu Mei Man, Sergey R. Gorelik, Gomathy Sandhya Subramanian, Hong Yee Low and Gleb B. Sukhorukov. “Fabrication and mechanical properties of microchambers made of polyelectrolyte multilayers.” Soft Matter, 2011, 7, 6550-6556.
- Subramanian, G.S.; Stylianou, C.; Phang, I.Y.; Cool, S.; Nurcombe, V.; Ample, F.; Lear, M. J.; Gorelik, S.; Hobley, J. “Raman Mapping Glucose Metabolism During Adipogenesis From Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells.” IEEE Photonics Global Conference (PGC), 2010. DOI: 10.1109/PGC.2010.5705978, 2010, 1 – 5.


- Satyam, A.; Subramanian, G.S.; Raghunath, M.; Pandit, A.; Zeugolis, D. “In vitro evaluation of Ficoll‐enriched and genipin‐stabilised collagen scaffolds.” J Tissue Eng Regen Med, 2014, 8(3), 233 - 241.

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