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Dr. TAN Chee Kiang, Ivan

Scientist II


Structural Materials (STR) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634.

Research Details

  • Structural Materials Engineering

  • Functional Coatings

  • Surface Enhancement of Materials



  • Solid State Ceramics Processing

  • Piezoelectric/Ferroelectric Ceramics Properties Testing

  • Tape Casting Technology

  • Silkscreen Printing Technology

  • Thermal Spray Coating Technology

  • Inkjet Printing Technology

  • Robotic Hammer Peening/Deep Cold Rolling Technology

2018-2019         Deep Cold Rolling of Ni-based superalloy and Ti-based alloy

2018-2022         Automated Inkjet Printing, A*STAR, Rolls-Royce and SAESL Smart Manufacturing Joint Lab

2016-2021         Surgical Photoacoustic Nanotechnology (SPAN) - Highly Sensitive Piezoelectric Ultrasonic


2015-2018         Integrated Piezoelectric Acoustic Sensors for In-situ Structural Health Monitoring

2012-2014         Piezoelectric Jet Dispensing Components and System

2011-2012         Energy Generation with Lead-free Piezoelectrics for Wireless Electronics

2011-2012         Functional Mechanisms in Ferroelectrics for Energy Harvesting and Storage

2010-2012         Remote Control Powered by Harvested Energy Without Battery

2005-2009         SERC Industrial Project: Rolls Royce Fuel Cell System



2018–Current    Technical Lead/Advanced Development Scientist, ARTC, A*STAR

2017–Current    Scientist II of Structural Materials Department

2016–2017        Assistant Manager of Sensors and Transducers Lab

2016–2017        IMRE Lab manager for Sensors and Transducers Program

2016–2017        Senior Specialist III, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering

2014 -2016        Senior Specialist II, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering

2012-2014         Senior Specialist I, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering

2011-2012         Research Specialist II, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering

2005-2011         Research Officer, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering

2003-2005         Process Engineer in AFPD (Advanced Flat Panel Display) Pte Ltd



2016–2017         Member of iThenticate Account Holder for Sensor and Transducer Program

2016–2017         F2 Kinesis Level 5 Immediate Response Team Floor Warden

2016,                  Member of IMRE Performance Appraisal, Rewards and Recognition (PARR) Taskforce

2016,                  Member of F2 HSE Committee

2015–2017         IMRE Associate Procurement Scientist for Sensors and Transducers Program

2015,                  Member of IMRE F2 Main Relocation Taskforce, Co-Chair of Sub-Taskforces (Tower B)

2015,                  Member of IMRE Interview Panel Reviewer

2012–2015         IMRE Lab 4 Coordinator

2012,                   Member of IMRE EHS Committee

2010 – 2012       SnFPC (Expert Team) for Thermal Equipment Evaluation

2009 – 2015       F2 Kinesis Level 5 Lab Relocation Coordinator

2009 – 2015       Member of  IMRE EHS Immediate Response Team Level 5 Floor Warden

2007 – 2009       Advisor of IMRE Social Committee

2005 – 2007       Chairperson of IMRE Social Committee


2016                   Certificate in Commercial Law and Technology Transfer (CCLTT), Temasek Polytechnic,  


2013                   Ph.D. (Materials science and engineering), Thesis title – “Synthesis, Structure and Properties

                           of Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics” Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

2003                   B.Eng. (1st Class Honours), Mechanical Engineering, University of Newcastle, Australia

1998                   Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore


2014     Best poster award: IMRE Scientific Research Forum

2008     A*STAR, Scientific Staff Development Award

2003     Dean's List, Engineering Faculty, University of Newcastle  

2002     Dean's List, Engineering Faculty, University of Newcastle

2018-current     Joint Appointment, Advanced Remanufacturing Technology Centre (ARTC)

2014,                 Organizing Committee Member for 6th MRS-S Conference on Advanced Materials And

                          Workshop on the Chemistry of Energy Conversion: From Molecular Design to Advanced


2014 – 2015      Honorary Auditor, Materials Research Society, (Singapore)

2014 – 2015      Guest Editor, Special Issue on Semiconductor Nanostructures for Energy Conversion and

                          Storage, Journal of Nanomaterials

2013,                 Organizing Committee Member for 4th Trilateral Conference on Advances in Nanoscience:

                          Energy, Water and Healthcare

2009 to 2015,    Member of Materials Research Society, (MRS-Singapore)

S. Chen, C. K. I. Tan, S. Y. Tan, S. Guo, L. Zhang, and K. Yao, “Potassium sodium niobate (KNN)-based lead-free piezoelectric ceramic coatings on steel structure by thermal spray method,” J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 101 [12] 5524-5533 (2018).


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S. R. Shannigrahi, and C. K. I. Tan, ‘‘Comparison of Grain Structure, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of BaTiO3 and Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 Ceramics Sintered Using Microwave and Conventional Techniques,’’ Technologies., 3 [1] 47-57 (2015).


C. K. I. Tan, Y. Jiang, D. C. C. Tan, K. Yao, and T. Sritharan, ‘‘Reaction Kinetics for Lead-Free 0.94(K0.5Na0.5)NbO3–0.06LiNbO3 Ceramic Synthesis with Ultrasonic Irradiation,’’ Int. J. Appl. Ceram. Technol., 12 [S1] E43-E48 (2015).


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S. R. Shannigrahi, W. Q. Au, V. Suresh Kumar, L. Liu, Z. H. Yang, C. Cheng, C. K. I. Tan, and R. V. Ramanujan, "Synthesis and electromagnetic properties of U-type hexaferrites Ba4B2Fe36O60 (B: Co, Ni, Cu)," J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 325, 63-8 (2013).


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C. K. I. Tan, K. Yao, and J. Ma, ‘‘Effects of Ultrasonic Irradiation on the Structural and Electrical Properties of Lead-Free 0.94(K0.5Na0.5)NbO3–0.06LiNbO3 Ceramics,’’ J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 94 [3] 776–81 (2011).




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•             A Self-Powered Remote Control Device (Singapore) 2017, Grant No: 185883, and (China) 2016, Grant

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