Personal Details

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Ms. TAN Yan Xuan Angeline

Specialist II


Polymer Composite (PMC) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

  • Functional polymer Synthesis
  • Carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites
  • Polymer membrane fabrication, processing and characterization
  • Carbon fiber sizing process and analysis


Functional coating and surface modification

  • 2009 – Current Specialist, IMRE

  • BSc (Hons) in Chemistry & Biological Chemistry, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2009

  •  Engineering polydimethylsiloxane with two-dimensional graphene oxide for an extremely durable superhydrophobic fabric coating; YAN Hong; ZHOU Hui; YE Qun; WANG Xiaobai; CHO Ching Mui; TAN Angeline Yan Xuan; XU Jianwei, RSC Advances, 2016, 6(71), 66834-66840

  • Highly Thermally Stable Cyclotriphosphazene Based Perfluoropolyether Lubricant Oil; Xiaobai WANG, Angeline Yan Xuan TAN, Ching Mui CHO, Qun YE, Chaobin HE, Rong JI,
    Hui Qing XIE, Jack WEN Huei Tsai, Jianwei XU; Tribology International, 2015, 90, 257-262


  • Self-Assembled Supramolecular Nanoparticles Mediated by Host–Guest Interactions for Photodynamic Therapy; Hong YAN, Xiaoyong PAN, Ming Hui CHUA, Xiaobai WANG, Jing SONG, Qun YE, Hui ZHOU, Angeline Yan Xuan TAN, Ye LIU, Jianwei XU; RSC Advances, 2014, 4, 10708-10717


  • Black-to-transmissive electrochromism of azulene-based donor-acceptor copolymers complemented by poly(4-styrene sulfonic acid)-doped poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene); Guoqiang DING, Ching Mui CHO, Chuanxiang CHEN, Dan ZHOU, Xiaobai WANG, Angeline Yan Xuan TAN, Jianwei XU, Xuehong LU; Organic Electronics, 2013, 14(11), 2748-2755


  • Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Liquid Crystals Derived from Octameric Silsesquioxanes: Effect of the peripheral groups in mesogens on the formation of liquid crystals; Xiaobai WANG, Ching Mui CHO, Wan Yong SAY, Angeline Yan Xuan TAN, Chaobin HE, Hardy Sze On CHAN, Jianwei XU; Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2011, 21, 5248-5257

  • “Water-based fire extinguisher formulation” SG Patent Application No. 10201610879W
  • “Method for purifying gas using liquid marbles” PCT/SG2014/00022
  • “Lubricants based on perfluoropolyether adducts of cyclotriphosphazene for magnetic recording media” PCT Int. Appl. (2014), WO 2014025317 A1 20140213
  • “Lubricants based on perfluoropolyether adducts of cyclotriphosphazene for magnetic recording media” PCT Int. Appl. (2014), WO 2014025316 A1 20140213

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