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Ms. TAN Yuan Ling, Christina

Senior Specialist II


Nanofabrication (NFB) Department

+65 6319 4851

2 Fusionopolis Way, #08-03 Innovis, Singapore 138634

Research Details

Establish Nickel Electroplating capabilities and its applications.

Mold fabrication



Micro/Nano fabrication in electroforming processes

Micro/Nano Injection Molding

Continuous Nanoimprint Technology

High resolution Nickel molds for polymer fabrication of 3D and nanometer scale devices

Nanofabrication of Fluidic Devices on Biodegradable Polymers

3D Autostereoscopic and Security Film (EyeFly3D)

Astar Nanoimprint Foundry

Current - Senior Specialist II
BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Loughborough University, UK

EyeFly3D had won the Technology Innovation category in the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards 2013

ASEAN Award for Nanoveu-IMRE: A*STAR And Industry Partners had clinched ASEAN 2013 Outstanding Engineering Achievement Awards

T. I. Wong, D. X. D. Zhou, C. Y. L. Tan*, J. Limantoro, P. F. Kin, C. G. Quan, L. L. Sun.
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