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Dr. TEO Ee Jin

Senior Scientist I


Nanofabrication (NFB) Department

+65 6416 8963

2 Fusionopolis Way, Innovis, #08-03,
Singapore 138634

Research Details

  • Plasmonics enhanced GaN based devices.
  • Fast switching, tunable LEDs.
  • Silicon based photonics devices.
  • Visible light communications.
  • Li-Fi and optical communications
  • LiDAR
  • Design and prototyping for Li-Fi communications
  • Fabrication and characterization of fast switching tunable LEDs and detectors.
  • Optical device characterization such as modulation speed testing, carrier lifetime measurements and quantum efficiency, waveguide propagation loss.
  • Nanofabrication using proton beam writing.
  • Ion beam modification of materials for silicon photonics application.
  • Metamaterials: Plasmonics for nanoscale device integration
  • Plasmonic optical fiber sensors
  • Monolithic Integration of Low Loss Wavelength Demultiplexer Enabling Broadband Quantum Key Distribution Over Existing Optical Fiber Infrastructure
  • Plasmonic enhanced emitters and detectors
  • Nanoplasmonic light emitting devices
  • AP Cycle 10 (PI): Proof-of-concept for Li-Fi enabled inflight entertainment and communication system in aircraft and airport environment

04/18 - present           Senior Scientist I, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering (IMRE).

09/10 - 03/18              Scientist III, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering (IMRE).

07/07 - 09/10              Lee Kuan Yew Fellow, Dept of Physics, NUS.

08/07 - 08/07              Visiting Researcher, School of Electronics and Physical Sciences, University of Surrey.

04/05 - 06/07              Research Fellow, Dept of Materials Science and Engineering, NUS.

01/03 - 03/05              Singapore Millennium Fellowship, Dept of Physics, NUS.


07/98-01/02                  Ph.D., Dept of Physics, NUS.

07/94-07/98                  B.Sc. (1st class Honours), Dept of Physics, NUS.

2016                             IES Prestigious Engineering Acheivement Awards 2016

2011-2012                    Finalist for 2012 L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women In Science Singapore.

2007-2010                    Lee Kuan Yew Fellowship.

2008                             Shortlisted for Young Scientist Award, Singapore.

April 2007                     1st prize at "Science as Art" competition at MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco.

Sept 2005                     1st prize at poster competition at UK-Singapore Workshop.

Dec 2003                      Outstanding poster prize at ICMAT, Singapore.

2003-2005                    Singapore Millennium Fellowship.

1998-2001                    NUS Research Scholarship.

1997-1998                    Ngee Ann Scholarship.

1996-1997                    Tan Lark Sye Scholarship.


  • Deputy Thrust Head of Photonics, Plasmonics and Metamaterials.
  • Head of Plasmonics and Semiconductor Nanostructures Laboratory (2013-2015).
  • Optics and Photonics Society of Singapore (12/03/10-04/2016).
  • SPIE International Society for Optical Engineering (19/12/03-present).
  • Singapore Microscopy Society (1998-2011).


Book Chapter

  • D.J. Blackwood and E.J. Teo, “Silicon Micro/Nano-Fabrication using proton beam writing and electrochemical etching” in box chapter 13, page 323-328 of book on “Ion Beams in Nanoscience and Technology” (Editors: Ragnar Hellborg, Harry Whitlow and Yanwen Zhang, published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg 09/11/09.)


  • D.C.J. Neo, C. Yang, Y. Shi, Q.Y. S. Wu, J. Deng, Y. Xu, A.A. Bettiol, Y. Chan, E. J. Teo, Subwavelength plasmonic color tuning of quantum dot emission, ACS Photonics, 6, 93-98, 2019.
  • S.T. Lim, A. Gandhi, J. R. Ong, T.Ang, C.E. Png, D. Lu, N.S.S. Ang, E.J. Teo, J. Teng, Silicon-nitride/oxynitride wavelength demultiplexer and resonators for quantum photonics, Proc. SPIE, 10537,2018.
  • C.Y. Yang, S. P. Turaga, A. A. Bettiol, P. Balamuniappan, M. Bosman, H. R. Tan, J. H. Teng and E. J. Teo, Textured V-Pit Green Light Emitting Diode as a Wavelength-Selective Photodetector for Fast Phosphor-Based White Light Modulation, ACS Photonics, 2017, DOI: 10.1021/acsphotonics.6b00867.

  • C.Y Yang, A.A. Bettiol, S. Yi, M. Bosman, H.R. Tan, W.P. Goh, J.H. Teng, E. J. TeoFast Electrical Modulation in a Plasmonic-Enhanced, V-pit Textured Light-Emitting DiodeAdv. Opt. Mat. 2015, 3, 1703.
  • E.J. Teo, N. Toyoda, C. Y. Yang, B. Wang, N. Zhang, A. A. Bettiol and J. H. Teng, Sub-30 nm thick plasmonic films and structures with ultralow loss,  Nanoscale, 2014, 6, 3243-3249. 
  • C. Y. Yang, E. J. Teo, T. Goh, S. L. Teo, J. H. Teng, and A.A. Bettiol*. Metal-assisted photonic mode for ultrasmall bending with long propagation length at visible wavelengths. Opt. Express, 2012, 20, 23898-23905.
  • Y.J. Yan, M.I. Rashad, E.J. Teo, H. Tanoto, J.H. Teng, A.A. Bettiol, Selective electroless silver plating of three dimensional SU-8 microstructures on silicon for metamaterials applications Opt. Mater. Express, 2011, 1, 1548-1554. (List of most downloaded papers in 2012)
  • G.Z. Mashanovich, M.M. Milosevic, M. Nedeljkovic, N. Owens, B.Q. Xiong, E. J. Teo, Y. F. Hu, Low loss silicon waveguide in mid-infraredOpt. Express, 2011, 19, 7112. (Cited 139 times)
  • E. J. Teo, A. A. Bettiol, B. Q. Xiong, M. B. H. Breese and P. T. Shuvan, An all-silicon, single-mode Bragg cladding rib waveguideOpt. Express, 201018, 8816-8823.
  • E. J. Teo, A. A. Bettiol, P. Yang, M. B. H. Breese, B. Q. Xiong, G. Z. Mashanovich, W. R. Headley, and G. T. Reed, Fabrication of low loss silicon-on-oxidized porous silicon strip waveguide using focused proton beam irradiationOpt. Lett., 200934, 659-661.
  • E. J. Teo, B. Q. Xiong, Y. S. Ow, M. B. H. Breese and A. A. Bettiol, Effects of oxide formation around core circumference of silicon-on-oxidized-porous-silicon strip waveguide, Opt. Lett., 2009, 34, 3142-3144. 
  • E. J. Teo, A. A. Bettiol, M. B. H. Breese, P. Yang, G. Z. Mashanovich, W. R. Headley, G. T. Reed, D. J. Blackwood, Three-dimensional control of optical waveguide fabrication in silicon, Opt. Express, 2008, 16, 573-578.
  • E.J. Teo, Breese MBH, Bettiol AA, D. Mangaiyarkarasi, F. Champeaux, F. Watt and D. Blackwood, Multicolor photoluminescence from porous silicon using focused, high-energy helium ionsAdvanced Materials, 2006, 18, 51-55.
  • E.J. Teo, M.B.H Breese, E.P. Tavernier, A.A. Bettiol and F. Watt, M.H. Liu and D.J. Blackwood, Three dimensional micro-fabrication in bulk silicon using high energy protons Appl. Phys. Lett., 2004, 85, 3202-3204. 


  • Chengyuan Yang, Ee Jin Teo, Ju Teng Teo, “An Ethernet-to-Optical converter circuit for Li-Fi communications”, Technology Disclosure IMRE 2018066

  • Ee Jin Teo, Chengyuan Yang, Darren Neo, “A method and apparatus for large area defoaming of bubbles formed in highly viscous liquid”, (SG Patent Application No. 10201806764S).

  • Teo, E.J.; Shi, Y.; Yang, C.; Wu, Q.Y.; Chan, Y.; Xu, Y.; Neo C.J., “Light emitting device, method of fabricating same and method of controlling light emission (Tunable white light using plasmonics)” PCTSG2018/050279, 2018.

  • Teo Ee Jin, Yang Chengyuan, and Teng Jinghua, “Features for obtaining a compact dongle with higher speed and improved signal-to-noise ratio used in LED communications, “Singapore patent 10201609807U, 2016.

  • Teng Jinghua, Yang Chengyuan, Teo Ee Jin and Liu Yanjun, “Privacy Window”, Singapore patent 10201508608T, 2015.

  • Teo Ee Jin, Teng Jinghua, Yang Cheng Yuan and Andrew Bettiol “High speed plasmonic coupled light emitting diode”, Singapore patent 11201508811Y, 2015;  US patent 14/787,122, 2015; PCT WO 2014/175837 A1, 2014

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