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Dr. TROADEC, Cedric

Senior Scientist II /Head, Advanced Characterisation and Instrumentation


Advanced Characterisation and Instrumentation (ACI) Department

(+65) 6416 8938

2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

Interface characterisation

Surface / interface modification using supercritical carbon dioxide


Scanning Probe Microscopy

Low noise electrical characterization

Vacuum systems




2016-2017 :          Project Leader “Grafting of thiol monolayer on silicon using supercritical carbon dioxide
                              as a solvent”

2012-2015 :          Project Leader “Graphene as Protection Layer for Organics in Metal-Organic Hybrid
                              Devices”, Joint project IMRE-NUS under Molecular Materials Lab initiative.

2014-2015 :          Project Leader “GaN on Si materials properties and correlation to device characteristics”
                              with industry partner.

2012-2013 :          Project Leader “Characterization of AlGaN/GaN-based Heterostructures On Silicon
                              for Power Electronics” with industry partner

2009-2011 :          Project Leader, “Nanoelectronics: Reliability of Photovoltaic Devices”

2006-2008 :          Project Leader, “STM for Interface Characterisation”


 Key Appointments :

 2017-present :      Head of Department, Advanced Characterisation and Instrumentation, IMRE
 2016-2017 :          Deputy Head Molecular Materials Department, IMRE
 2014-2016 :          Deputy Head Analysis and Characterisation Group, IMRE
 2012- 2016 :         Scientist III, IMRE
 2011- 2012 :         Scientist II, IMRE
 2006- 2011 :         Senior Research Engineer, IMRE
 2003-2006 :          Research Associate, IMRE
 2001-2003 :          Development Engineer, Thermo VG Semicon, UK
 2000-2001 :          Research Assistant, Royal Holloway College, University of London, UK

 Services :

 2016-present :      Deputy Data Protection Officer
 2016-present :      Business Continuity Management - member
 2010-present :      Singapore Science and Engineering Fair judge
 2016-2017 :          Performance Management and Career Pathways Workstream member,
                              under Researcher Development Taskforce (RDTF)
 2017 :                   ICMAT 2017 Symposium Co-Chair:  Progress and Challenges in Molecular Electronics
 2015-2016 :          F2 Taskforce, Co-chair for Tower C
 2014-2016 :          Data Protection Activist
 2014-2016 :          Enterprise Risk Management – member
 2015 :                   ICMAT 2015 Symposium Chair:  Surfaces/Interfaces Modification by Molecules
 2012-2015 :          Session Chair M3 conferences


PhD, Royal Holloway University of London, UK, 2001

BSc (Honours), Kingston University, UK, 1997

2018 :  MTI Commendation Award

2017 :  A*STAR GEMS Award

1997 :  AG Optics prize


2018 - present :  Joint Treasurer Materials Research Society, Singapore

2016 – present :  Executive Committee member Materials Research Society, Singapore

2010 – present :  Member, American Vacuum Society

2003 – present :  Member, Materials Research Society, Singapore

1995 – present :  Member, Institute of Physics UK


  • Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

B. Bhartia, S. R. Puniredd, S. Jayaraman, C. Gandhimathi, M. Sharma, Y-C Kuo, C-H Chen, V. J. Reddy, C.  Troadec, and M. P. Srinivasan “Highly stable bonding of thiol monolayers to hydrogen-terminated si via supercritical carbon dioxide: toward a super hydrophobic and bioresistant surface” ACS applied materials & interfaces 8, no. 37 (2016):24933

B. Bhavesh, N. Bacher, S. Jayaraman, S. Khatib, J. Song, S. Guo, C.Troadec, S. R. Puniredd, M. P. Srinivasan and H. Haick “Application of organophosphonic acids by one-step supercritical CO2 on 1D and 2D semiconductors: Toward enhanced electrical and sensing performances” ACS applied materials & interfaces 7, no. 27 (2015): 14885

Puniredd Sreenivasa Reddy, Sundaramurthy Jayaraman, Sai Hooi Yeong, Cedric Troadec, and M. P. Srinivasan “Stable organic monolayers on oxide-free silicon/germanium in a supercritical medium: a new route to molecular electronics” The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 4, no. 9 (2013):1397


  • Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy

Kuan Eng Johnson Goh, Simin Wang, Siew Ting Melissa Tan, Zheng Zhang, Hiroyo Kawai, Cedric Troadec, Vivian Ng “Nanoscale characterization of oxidized ultrathin Co-films by ballistic electron emission microscopy”
Materials Research Express 3, no. 1 (2016): 015001

Wong, Calvin Pei Yu, Terence Jun Hui Koek, Yanpeng Liu, Kian Ping Loh, Kuan Eng Johnson Goh, Cedric Troadec, and Christian A. Nijhuis “Electronically Transparent Graphene Barriers against Unwanted Doping of Silicon” ACS applied materials & interfaces 6, no. 22 (2014): 20464

Qin, H. L., K. E. J. Goh, C. Troadec, Michel Bosman, and Kin Leong Pey “The electronic barrier height of silicon native oxides at different oxidation stages” Journal of Applied Physics 111, no. 5 (2012): 054111

Troadec, Cedric, and Kuan Eng Johnson Goh “Dual parameter ballistic electron emission spectroscopy analysis of inhomogeneous interfaces” Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 28, no. 4 (2010): C5F1-C5F4

Goh, Kuan Eng J., A. Bannani, and C. Troadec “Imaging buried organic islands by spatially resolved ballistic electron emission spectroscopy” Nanotechnology 19, no. 44 (2008): 445718


  • Nano-gears, UHV transfer printing and STM

C. Nacci, C. Troadec, J. Deng, M. G. Willinger, C. Joachim, L. Grill “Toward printing molecular nanostructures from microstructured samples in ultrahigh vacuum” J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B  34 (1) 011801 (2016)

N. Nerngchamnong, H. Wu, K. Sotthewes, L. Yuan, L. Cao, M. Roemer, J. Lu, K.P. Loh, C. Troadec, H.J.W. Zandvliet, C.A. Nijhuis “Supramolecular structure of self-assembled monolayers of ferrocenyl terminated n-alkanethiolates on gold surfaces” Langmuir 30 (44) 13447 (2014)

J Deng, C Troadec, F Ample, C. Joachim “Fabrication and manipulation of solid-state SiO2 nano-gears on a gold surface” Nanotechnology 22, no. 27 (2011): 275307

Joachim, C., D. Martrou, M. Rezeq, C. Troadec, Deng Jie, N. Chandrasekhar, and S. Gauthier  “Multiple atomic scale solid surface interconnects for atom circuits and molecule logic gates” Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 22, no. 8 (2010): 084025.

Cedric Troadec, Deng Jie, Christian Joachim. “Method For Transferring Target Particles Between Substrates.” (2015) Singapore Patent 186584

Goh, Kuan Eng Johnson, and Cedric Troadec. "Drive system for hermetic applications and device having such drive system." (2013)US Patent 8,555,736 - Licensed

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