Personal Details

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Dr. CHENG Jinting

Scientist II


Strategic Planning Office

+65 6416 8960

#08-03, Innovis, 2 Fusionopolis Way, Singapore 138634

Research Details

  • Innovation of microparticles with functional surfaces and structures for wide applications
  • Development of technology platforms for molecular immobilisation and studies
  • Fabrication of ordered porous materials using bottom-up methods
  • Patterning of materials via flow-assisted methods

  • Microparticle engineering
  • Bead-based molecular detections
  • Porous material fabrication
  • Material micropatterning

  • Engineering of microparticles for enzyme immobilisation
  • Development of microparticle-based platforms for molecular studies
  • Functionalisation of microparticles with structural and chemical features for advanced coatings

  • PhD, National University of Singapore, 2012
  • President’s Graduate Fellowship, NUS, 2007

  • S Shikha, T Salafi, J Cheng*, Y Zhang*, Versatile design and synthesis of nano-barcodes. Chemical Society Reviews, 2017, 46, 7054-7093.

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  • SN Xiong, S Shikha, J Cheng*, Microfluidic flow-assisted synthesis of hydrogel microbeads. Molecular Materials Meeting. 2015. Singapore.

  • CH Lo, WCF Wong, J Deng, J Cheng*. Microfluidic-assisted patterning of membrane proteins for membrane protein study. Molecular Materials Meeting (M3). 2014. Biopolis, Singapore.

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    • J Cheng, SR Puniredd, Hollow silica spheres with raspberry-like structure and method for preparation thereof. PCT/SG2018/050547

    • J Cheng, M Nallani. Artificial cell membrane system. US 14/424,736, SG 11201501277R, EP 12883541.0.

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