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Dr. WANG Suxi

Senior Specialist II


Polymer Composite (PMC) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

Surface modification of inorganic nanofillers

Polymer composite materials for diverse applications

Functionalization of polymers

Carbon nanomaterials for energy & environment applications

Electrospun nanofibers for environment & biomedical applications

Organic synthesis; Asymmetric catalysis; Electrocatalysis

Processing, fabrication and performance evaluation of polymer nanocomposite

Hybrid nanostructure design and characterization

Characterization of polymers / small organic compounds

Assembly and performance evaluation of batteries/supercapacitors

Anti-bacterial testing

Development of polymer nanocomposites and their application
Fabrication of carbon materials for energy storage
May 12 - To-date  Scientist I, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (Singapore)
Jul 10 - Apr 12      Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore
Mar 10 - Jun 10    Senior Research Scientist, Shanghai ChemPartner Co. Ltd. (China)
Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry), Fudan University, China, 2010
B. Sc (Chemistry), Fudan University, China, 2004

  1. Hongxia Zhu, Yuyan Chen, Huaiyuan Li, Su-Xi Wang*, Xu Li* and Qingzeng Zhu*, In Situ Polymerization Approach to Graphene Oxide-Reinforced Silicon Composites for Superior Anti-Corrosive Coating, Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2018, 1800252
  2. Bingjie Zhao, Lin Cheng, Suxi Wang, Yiling Bei, Jinhua Cui, Hongxia Zhu, Xu Li* and Qingzeng Zhu*, Grafted polybenzimidazole copolymers bearing polyhedral oligosilsesquioxane pendant moieties, European Polymer Journal, 2017, 94, 99-110
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  5. Hui Li, Du Yuan, Chunhua Tang, Suxi Wang, Jiaotong Sun, Zibiao Li, Tao Tang, Fuke Wang, Hao Gong, and Chaobin He*, Lignin-derived interconnected hierarchical porous carbon monolith with large area/volumetric capacitances for supercapacitor, Carbon, 2016, 100, 1515-157.
  6. Suxi Wang, Chin Chong Yap, Jiating HE, Chao CHEN, Siew Yee WONG and Xu Li*, Electrospinning: a facile technique for fabricating functional nanofibers for environmental applications, Nanotechnology Reviews, 2016, 5, 51-73 
  7. Suxi Wang, Shilin Chen, Qiliang Wei, Xikui Zhang, Siew Yee Wong, Shuhui Sun and Xu Li*, Bioinspired Synthesis of Hierarchical Porous Graphitic Carbon Spheres with Outstanding High-Rate Performance in Lithium-Ion Batteries, Chemistry of Materials, 2015, 27, 336-342
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  9. Suxi Wang, Liping Yang, Ludger Paul Stubbs, Xu Li* and Chaobin He, Lignin-derived Fused Electrospun Carbon Fibrous Mats as High Performance Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2013, 5, 12275-12282
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  12. Suxi Wang, Fen-Er Chen*, A Novel Cost-Effective Thiourea Bifunctuional Organocatalyst for Highly Enantoselective Alcoholysis of meso-Cyclic Anhydrides: Enhanced Enantioselectivity by Configuration Inversion, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2009, 351, 547-552
  13. Xiongjie Yu, Suxi Wang and Fener Chen*, Solid-Phase Synthesis of Solanesol, J. Comb. Chem., 2008, 10,605-610


  1. "Free-standing porous carbon fibrous membranes and applications thereof", Inventors: Li Xu, Wang Suxi
  2. "A thermal control system for frozen stuff, and use Thereof", Inventors: Zhu Qiang, Debbie Soo Xiang Yun, Tang Tao, Wang Suxi, Xu Jian Wei
  3. "Silane grafted onto clay and copolymerization with styrene as well as preparation method and application thereof", Inventors: Li Xu, Zhang Xikui, Wang Suxi
  4. "Solar light reflective thermal insulating core shell structured pigment synthesized at room temperature", Inventors: Chen Chao, Li Xu, Wang Suxi, Zhang Xikui, Wong Siew Yee
  5. "Free-standing MOF-derived hybrid porous carbon nanofiber mats", Inventors: Wang Suxi, Li Xu, Hor Tzi Sum Andy, Zhang Zhongxing, Chew Kia Jia Benny
  6. "Nanostructured Iron/ Carbon for Scavenging Oxygen", Inventors: Li Xu, Chieng Yu Yuan, Wong Siew Yee, Wang Suxi, Huang Jen-Yi, Zhou Weibiao
  7. "Ice-template derived porous carbons & doped carbons and their application for energy storage", Inventors: Li Xu, Wang Suxi, Zhang Haifei, Aled D. Roberts
  8. "Stretchable Conductors based on Lignin-derived electrospun Carbon Fibrous", Inventors: Li Xu, Wang Suxi, He Chaobin, Zhang Xikui
  9. "Electrospun Carbon Fibrous Mats from Lignin and Their Application as Electrode Materials for Energy Storage" Inventors: Li Xu, He Chao Bin, Wang Suxi, Wong Siew Yee, Chen Shilin


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