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Dr. WONG Lai Mun, Nancy

Senior Specialist II


Structural Materials (STR) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634.

Research Details

  • Transparent conductive oxide growth

  • Heat rejection coatings

  • Thermochromic materials

  • Electrochromic materials

  • Oxide-based materials

  • Microstructure analysis by TEM, FIB, XRD, etc.

  • Thin film deposition (Physical vapor deposition) by pulsed laser deposition (PLD), magnetron sputtering, thermal evaporation, ebeam evaporation
  • Characterize thin films and nanomaterials with TEM, STEM, FIB, microtome, SEM, AFM, FTIR, Variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry (VASE), IR-VASE   
  • Sample preparation for TEM
  • Cleanroom micro/nanofabrication

  • 2004-2006     Fabrication and Characterization of high k dielectrics gate devices
  • 2008-2010     Epitaxial ZnO film growth by PVD
  • 2008-2012     Oxide-based thin films
  • 2011-2013     Fabrication and Charterization of spectra selective films
  • 2011-2013     Insulator-metal Phase Transition in VO2 and Application in THz Modulators
  • 2012-2014     Interfaces and heterojunctions of metal oxide for electrochromic and energy  related applications
  • 2012-2015     Smart Multifunctional Coatings for Fenestrattion to Reduce Thermal Load of Buildings
  • 2013-2015     New Peening Process Performance Comparison Study for Aluminum Alloy 7050-T7451 and Titanium Alloy 6AI-4V M.A.
  • 2014-2016     Development of flexible, low cost and energy effificient electrochromic devices from layered double hydroxides
  • 2014-2016     Industry service project (Kibing)
  • 2015-2017     Fabrication of large size transparent conductive oxide films
  • 2015-2018     Fabrication, transfer and characterization of phase change VO2 films
  • 2016-2020     Pharos “Ubiquitous Electronics: The case for semiconductor 2D materials” programme
  • 2017-2018    Transparent Conductive Oxide Film Scale-up


2015 – present                Senior Specialist II, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (Singapore)

2011 - 2015                      Senior Specialist I, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (Singapore)

2006 - 2011                     Senior Research Officer, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (Singapore)

2002 - 2006                      Failure Analysis Engineer(Head and Media), Maxtor Peripherals

2001Jan-2001 Jun          Agilent Technologies (Industrial Attachment)


2017-2019                        Member of 15th HSE committee

2016 - 2017                      Deputy Lab manager of Sensors and Transducers Program Lab

2016 - present                 Logistics Chair of 6th IMRE scientific research forum (ISRF)

2014 - 2016                      Member of Talent Development program

2008 - 2016                      Member of Crisis Communication Team (CCT)

2006 - present                Member of Outreach Team

  • Ph.D. (Electrical and computer engineering) National University of Singapore, 2013
  • M.Sc. (Electrical and computer engineering) National University of Singapore, 2006
  • B. Engineering (Hons), (Electrical and computer engineering), Minor in Technopreneurship, National University of Singapore, 2002

2016                   Best poster award in IUMRS-ICEM 2016 Singapore (International Union of Materials Research Societies - International Conference on Electronic Materials)

2008               A*STAR, Scientific Staff Development Award

  • 2007 - present Member of Materials Research Society, (MRS-Singapore)

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2014 Multifunctional heat rejection coatings, US Patent Application 14/839,361

                Inventors: Wang Shijie, Wong Lai Mun


2013 Multilayer Structure, US Patent Application No. 13/893,024

                Inventors: Wang Shijie, Wong Lai Mun


2013 Multilayer Structure, Singapore Patent Application No. 201303692-6

                Inventors: Wang Shijie, Wong Lai Mun


2012        A method of improving the transparency and conductivity of transparent conducting oxide for various

                applications, Singapore Patent Application No.: 201203481-5

                Inventors: Wang Shijie, Wong Lai Mun


2011       Method to fabricate highly conducting and transparent zinc oxide at room temperature, Singapore

               Patent Application No.: 201105713-0

                Inventors: Wang Shijie, Wong Lai Mun, Chiam Sing Yang

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