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Dr. YE Enyi

Scientist II


Soft Materials (SOF) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634.

Research Details

(1)   Multifunctional (luminescent, magnetic, plasmonic, catalytic, semiconducting, etc) nanomaterials

(2)   Plasmonic noble metallic nanostructures

(3)   Nanocrystals-polymer composite materials

(4)   Crystal engineering

(5)   Development of personal care products especially in skin care formulations

·         Nanoscience, nanotechnology

·         Applications of nanomaterials in the field of bioimaging, photothermal therapy, catalysis, etc

·         Preparation and characterization multifunctional nanomaterials

·        Laser Chemistry

·         Topical Formulation

·         Microwave-assisted synthesis (nanomaterials, polymers etc.)

·         Polymer bank for personal care applications (2013 – current)

·         T-UP project with local SME (Nov 2015 – current)

·         2006 – Current, Scientist, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR, Singapore

·         2005 – 2006, Resarch Assistant, National University of Singapore

·         2002 – 2004, Teaching Assistant, National University of Singapore

·         Ph.D. Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore, 2006

·         B.Sc. Department of Chemical Physics, Univeristy of Science & Technology of China, 2001

·         2002-2005 NUS Research Scholarship

·         1996-2001 Excellent Student Scholarship from USTC

·         2008 – current ACS member

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"Method of laser triggered reversible gelation of an aqueous polymer solution" Paten No (Singapore): 201303769-2; Authors: E. Y. Ye, X. J. Loh and M. Y. Han

“A Method of Ambient Temperature Hybrid Atomic Layer Deposition for Encapsulation Layers on Polymeric and Biopolymeric Materials” (SG Patent Application 10201500081S, Actual Filing Date: 06 January 2015); Authors: GUO Hongchen; YE Enyi; LOH Xian Jun; ZHANG Shuang-Yuan; LI Zibiao; WANG Xizu

“A-coat: a sub-nanometer surface molecular assembly process to produce multifunctional superhydrophobic fabrics” (SG Patent Application 10201508689X, Actual Filing Date: 20 October 2015) Authors: GUO Hongchen; YE Enyi; ZHANG Shuang-Yuan; LI Zibiao; LOH Xian Jun

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