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Dr. ZHOU Xiaodong, Donna

Senior Scientist I


Nanofabrication (NFB) Department

(+65) 6501 1907

2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

MEMS fabrication on glass and polymer substrate

Optical sensor detection and simulation

Localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) point-of-care (POC) system

Heavy metal and other ion detection in water, solid waste or soil

Optical design and simulation

MEMS and nanostructure design and fabrication

Optical based devices and sensor development

On-site and on-line sensing devices and systems


Localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) MEMS device with nano-structured noble metal (Jun’06 to May’08)

Development of highly sensitive localized surface plasmon resonance technology platform for point-of-care clinical screening and medical diagnostics (May’10 to 31 Oct’13)

Portable micro total analysis system for rapid on-site determination of environmental TCLP metals in waste materials (Aug’14 to Feb’18)

Nanohole array biochip based point-of-care system for procalcitonin measurement (Apr’14 to Mar’16)

Development for commercialization of a portable micro total analysis system for rapid on-site determination of heavy metals and phenolic compounds (Jan’19 to Jul’20)

2013 - Current     Senior Scientist I, IMRE

2005 - 2013         Scientist III, IMRE

2003 - 2005         Research Fellow, NTU

1999 - 2002         Senior Researcher, JDS Uniphase, Canada

1998 - 1999         Postdoctoral Fellow, Photonics Research Ontario, Canada

1997 - 1998         Associate Professor, Zhejiang University, China

1995 - 1997         Lecturer, Zhejiang University, China 

Ph.D in electrophotonics, Zhejiang University, China

M.Eng in electrophotonics, Zhejiang University, China

B.Eng in physical electronics, Zhejiang University, China

Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards 2016

JDSUphase “CEO Award” in the year 2001-2002

Academic Excellence Scholarship of Zhejiang University for Bachelor students in each year of Bachelor study

Academic Excellence Scholarship (in addition to general Master scholarship for each Master student) of Zhejiang University for Master students in each year of Master study

Academic Excellence Scholarship (in addition to general PhD scholarship for each PhD student) for PhD candidates in Zhejiang University in each year of PhD study

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