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Mr. TAN Jen Ngee, Rayson

Senior Specialist I


Electronic Materials (ELE) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634.

Research Details

    • III-V thin film materials growth
    • Optoelectronics and HEMTs materials
    • 2D Semiconductor growth   


    • Epitaxial growth of III-Nitride base materials using MOCVD
    • XRD characterization of III-V materials thin film
    • Copper plating of semiconductors

• Phononics & Thermoelectrics with 2D Materials

Effects of Different Light Qualities on Skin and Their Use in Photodynamic Therapy in Cosmetics and Skin Disorders (with IMB)

III-Nitride Nano-materials Growth and Control for Solid-State Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics

Gallium Nitride Power Devices for Automative Applications (SERC A Car Project)

Visible Light Communications

Vertical High Power LED

Patterned Porous GaN/Si Template for SSL and Other Application (2009 – 2011)

Development of heterostructural tandem nanorods on Si (2009 –  2011)

White LEDs

Development of Nitride-Based HEMTs on Sapphire and High Resistivity Silicon Substrates (with Temasek Laboratories at NTU)

Substrate Pre-epitaxial Treatment for GaN Homo-epitaxy and Growth Conditions on GaN Substrates (Sumitomo Electric Industry collaborated project)

Group III Nitride Optoelectronics Based On Si Substrate

• High Efficiency and High Power Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes: Toward Solid State Lighting (with Fujitsu Singapore Pte Ltd.)

• High Efficiency and High Power LEDs


• 2010 – Present: Senior Specialist 1/ Lab Manager, IMRE

• 2008 – 2010: Senior Research Officer, IMRE

2004 – 2008: Research Officer, IMRE

2003 – 2004: Senior Lab Technologist, IMRE

2001 – 2003: Lab Technologist, IMRE

2000 :  Research Engineer, Rayco Technologies Pte. Ltd.

    • Degree in Masters of Science in Precision Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
    Degree in Bachelor of Science (Materials Science), National University of Singapore

• “Crystallographically tilted and partially strain relaxed GaN grown”, Kwadwo Konadu Ansah-Antwi (IMRE), CHUA Soo Jin (IMRE), Rayson TAN Jen Ngee (IMRE), TAN Hui Ru (IMRE), Soh C B, Wee Q X, Yang P, Sun L F, Shen Z X, J Appl Phys : 10.1063/1.4856275, May - 15

“Crystallographically tilted and partially strain relaxed GaN grown on inclined {111} facets etched on Si(100) substrate", K. K. Ansah Antwi, C. B. Soh, Q. Wee, Rayson J. N. Tan, P. Yang, H. R. Tan, L. F. Sun, Z. X. Shen and S. J. Chua, J. Applied Physics, Aug – 14

"Nanopore morphology in porous GaN template and its effect on the LEDs emission", C B Soh, C B Tay, Rayson J N Tan, A P Vajpeyi, I P Seetoh, K K Ansah-Antwi and S J Chua, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 46 (2013) 365102 (8pp)

Red emitting LEDs formed by indium rich quantum dots incorporated in MQWs”, CB Soh, W Liu, SJ Chua, Rayson JN Tan, SS Ang, and SY Chow, Phys. Status Solidi A : DOI 10.1002/ 208, 7, 1579,  Aug – 11

“Generation of amber III-nitride based light emitting diodes by indium rich InGaN quantum dots with InGaN wetting layer and AlN encapsulation layer”, CB Soh, W Liu, SJ Chua, S S Ang, Rayson JN. Tan, SY Chow, Journal of Applied Physics : 108 : 093501-1 - 093501-5, Nov – 10

Fabrication of a nano-cone array on a p-GaN surface for enhanced light extraction efficiency from GaN-based tunable wavelength LEDs”, C B Soh, B Wang, S J Chua, Vivian K X Lin, Rayson J N Tan and S Tripathy, Nanotechnology : 19 : 405303-1 - 405303-5, Aug – 08

“Growth and optical properties of highly uniform and periodic InGaN nanostructures”, Advance Materials, Vol 19 (13): 1707-+ JUL 2 2007, Chen P, Chen A, Chua SJ, Tan JN

“High density InGaN nanorods grown on pretreated GaN surfaces”, Applied Physics Letters Vol 89 No 2 pp 023114-1 to 023114-3, 10 Jul 2006, P Chen, S J Chua, R Tan

“Deposition and characterization of (Nb,Cr)N thin films by unbalanced magnetron sputtering Surface and Coatings Technology”, Volume 167, Issues 2-3, 22 April 2003, Pages 154-16, J. N. Tan and J. H. Hsieh

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