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Dr. ZHENG Guangyuan Wesley

Scientist I


IMRE staff with Adjunct Appointment in University/Industry, Electronic Materials (ELE) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way, Innovis, #09-01, Singapore 138634

Research Details

  • Energy
  • Batteries
  • Renewable materials

  • Nanofabrication
  • Material synthesis
  • Electrochemistry
  • Device fabrication


Post-doctoral scholar (Supervisors: Steve Chu, Yi Cui), Stanford, 2014-2015
PhD, Stanford University, 2010-2014
B.A., University of Cambridge, 2006-2009

World Technology Awards Finalist, 2014
MRS Graduate Student Award (Silver), 2014
ICMAT Best Poster Prize, 2013
Nature Chemistry Poster Prize, 2011
National Science Scholarship (BS-PhD), Agency for Science, Technology and Research, 2006-2015
St Edmund’s College Tutorial Prize, Cambridge, 2007 &2008

  • MRS
  • ACS

Guangyuan Zheng, Chao Wang, Allen Pei, Jeffrey Lopez, Feifei Shi, Zheng Chen, Austin D Sendek, Hyun-Wook Lee, Zhenda Lu, Holger Schneider, Marina M Safont-Sempere, Steven Chu, Zhenan Bao, Yi Cui, “High Performance Lithium Metal Negative Electrode with a Soft and Flowable Polymer Coating” ACS Energy Lett., 1 (6),1247–1255, 2016

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Z. Liang, G. Zheng, C. Liu, N. Liu, W. Li, K. Yan, H. Yao, P-C Hsu, S. Chu, Y. Cui, “ Polymer Nanofiber-Guided Uniform Lithium Deposition for Battery Electrodes” Nano letters, 15 (5), 2910-2916 (2015)

G. Zheng, S.W. Lee, Z. Liang, H-W. Lee, K. Yan, H. Yao, H. Wang, W. Li, S. Chu, Y. Cui, “Interconnected Hollow Carbon Nanospheres for Stable Lithium Metal Anodes”, Nature Nanotechnology 9, 618-623 (2014) 
Highlighted in The Economist, Forbes, CNBC, Wired Magazine, ABC News, Scientific American, The Atlantic, Science Daily

H. Yao*, G. Zheng*, P-C. Hsu, D. Kong, J.J. Cha, W. Li, Z-W. Seh, M.T.McDowell, K. Yan, Z. Liang, V. K. Narasimhan, Y. Cui, “Improving Lithium–sulphur Batteries through Spatial Control of Sulphur Species Deposition on a Hybrid Electrode Surface”, Nature Communications 5, 3943 (2014)


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Y. Yang, G. Zheng, S. Misra, J. Nelson, M.F. Toney, Y. Cui, “High Capacity Micron-sized Li2S Particles as Cathode Materials for Advanced Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries”, Journal of the American Chemical Society 134,15387–15394 (2012)


W. Li, G. Zheng, Y. Yang, Z. Seh, N. Liu, and Y.Cui, “High-performance hollow sulfur nanostructured battery cathode through a scalable, room temperature, one-step, bottom-up approach”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110, 19701-19706 (2013)


G. Zheng, Y. Yang, J.J. Cha, S.S. Hong, Y. Cui, “Hollow Carbon Nanofiber-Encapsulated Sulfur Cathodes for High Specific Capacity Rechargeable Lithium Batteries”, Nano Letters 11, 4462-4467 (2011)


G. Zheng, L. Hu, H. Wu, X. Xie, Y. Cui, “Paper Supercapacitors by A Solvent-Free Drawing Method”, Energy & Environmental Science 4, 3368-3373 (2011)

3, Inventors: Yi Cui, Guangyuan Zheng, Kai Yan, Steven Chu
Title: Interfacial engineering for stable lithium metal anodes
U.S. Provisional Patent Application No.  62/022,813 filed on July 10, 2014

2, Inventors: Yi Cui, Guangyuan Zheng, Zhi-Wei Seh.
Title: Stable cycling of lithium sulfide cathodes through strong affinity with multifunctional binders
U.S. Patent Application No.: 14/325598 filed on July 08, 2014

1, Inventors: Weiyang Li, Yi Cui, Zhi Wei Seh, Guangyuan Zheng, Yuan Yang 
Title: Encapsulated Sulfur Cathodes for High Specific Energy Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
U.S. Patent Application Number:  201280050330.0
International Filing Number: PCT/US2012/054908

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