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Dr. TEE Chee Keong Benjamin

Scientist I


IMRE staff with Adjunct Appointment in University/Industry, Electronic Materials (ELE) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way, Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

My goal is to become a leader in constant innovation in science, technology and business to create economic value and impact. I thrive in cross-disciplinary research collaborations to create breakthrough technology platforms. I have strong expertise in wearable electronic sensors such as flexible and stretchable electronic sensor skins based on different sensing modalities: capacitive, resistive, piezo-, ferro-electric materials for consumer and healthcare devices.


·         Nano/Micro-fabrication of Electromechanical devices (MEMS)

·         Organic and inorganic semiconductor physics

·         Medical device innovation

Electronic sensor skins

Scientist, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) Oct 2015 - present

Stanford Biodesign Global Innovation Fellow (Singapore) Jan 2014-Oct 2015

Co-founder, Privi Medical Pte Ltd

Intern, Amazon Lab126

Intern, Synaptics Inc

PhD Electrical Engineering – December 2013

MS Electrical Engineering – September 2006 - July 2007

BS (Summa cum laude) Electrical Engineering – September 2003 - July 2006


TR35, MIT Technology Review Top Innovators under 35, 2015

·         Selected as one of 35 TR35 Innovators under 35 worldwide by MIT Technology Review

Third Prize, Hackathon@SG 2015

·         Won third prize ($3000 cash prize) for Singapore’s largest hackathon organized by IDA for a mobile application project on improving early cancer screening rates


TR35@Singapore Award, MIT Technology Review Top Innovators under 35, Asia Pacific 2015

·         Selected as one of only ten awardees named as TR35 Innovators under 35 from Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand


NTUC Income Future Starter 100K Challenge, Winner, November 2014

·         Sole winner of $100,000 cash prize out of 300 teams


Gold Award - Graduate Student Award, Materials Research Society Spring Conference, April 2013

·         Selected as gold award winner after rigorous judging process out of more than 120 international graduate students applicants


Silver Medal – Science as Art, Materials Research Society Spring Conference, April 2013


Biomaterials Student Presentation Award - Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, April 2012


Gold Medal – Science as Art, Materials Research Society Spring Conference, April 2012


Honorable Mention, Stanford Business Association of Entrepreneurs Product Showcase


Academy Award, Outstanding Student Research Competition, September 2011

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC)

·         1st out of all 26 finalists selected from 200+ applicants from top international universities including MIT, Princeton, Cambridge, etc.

·         The academy award is the highest award achievable for the competition


Gold Award, Outstanding Student Research Competition, September 2011

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC)

·         1st out of seven finalists in the Physics and Chemistry of Materials Category


Best Poster Award, Stanford OJF Research Poster Presentation, Stanford University, 2010

National Science Scholarship, Agency of Science Technology and Research, SingaporeMildred and Steele Bailey Prize, College of Engineering, University of Michigan

·         Awarded for demonstrating academic excellence, leadership qualities and outstanding contributions to the University and community


EECS Outstanding Research Award, University of Michigan

·         Awarded for excellent research work carried out under Professor David Martin on organic semiconductor characterization

·         One of only two awarded annually in the department


EECS Senior Scholar, University of Michigan

·         Awarded despite junior standing


James B. Angell Scholar, University of Michigan

·         Awarded for consistently outstanding academic performance in consecutive semesters

Materials Research Society, Member

Phi Beta Kappa, Member

IEEE, Member

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