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Dr. SALLOUM Rogério

Scientist II


Electronic Materials (ELE) Department

+65 6501 1828

2 Fusionopolis Way Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

Smart Structures
Structure Dynamics and Noise & Vibration Technology (NVH)
Instrumentation and Control Engineering
Numerical Simulation of Electromechanical Systems

FEM and Multiphysics Simulation
Design of NVH Control Systems

Noise mitigation and vibration damping techniques using electronically coupled piezoelectric materials.
2017 – Present: Scientist at IMRE, A*STAR, Singapore
2012 – 2016: Research Engineer at Fraunhofer Institute LBF, Germany
2009 – 2012: NVH Engineer at PSA Peugeot Citroën, Brazil

Doctorate Degree: Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, 2016
Master’s Degree: Mechatronics Engineering, ENSTA ParisTech, France, 2009
Bachelor’s Degree: Mechatronics Engineering, University of São Paulo, Brazil, 2009

German Aerospace Center (DLR) INNOspace Masters 2016: 3rd prize for the best idea in space technology
TU Darmstadt Ideenwettbewerb 2015: 2nd prize for the best high-tech start-up idea
European Commission Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellowship 2012

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2. R. Salloum, P. Töws, S. Schmidt, D. Mayer, D. Spancken and A. Büter, “Vibration damping of a composite control arm through embedded piezoceramic patches shunted with a negative capacitance”, Smarte Strukturen und Systeme, De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2016.
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