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Dr. LEE Phin Peng

Scientist I


Soft Materials (SOF) Department


Research Details

Nanoscale surface engineering, biomaterials, medical devices, medtech/healthtech, commercialization
• Coronary and peripheral stents
• Drug loading and synthesis via anodization of Nitinol and Titania nanotubes
• Surface characterization (SEM, AFM, XDS, contact angle, nickel leaching)
• Primary human vascular cell culture and biological assays (proliferation, migration, inflammatory response, qPCR)
• Medtech innovation, Biodesign process (needs finding and analysis, needs statement, concept generation, regulatory, reimbursement, IP)
2017-present Scientist 1 IMRE/IHPC
2017 Co-founder of MyStAT
2016-2017 Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Fellow/Extension Fellow

Biomedical Engineering (Hons), BSc, Brown University
Bioengineering, PhD, UCSF/UC Berkeley

2014 Outstanding GSI Award, UC Berkeley
2010 National Science Scholarship (PhD)
2009 Sigma Xi and Tau Beta Pi
2008-2009 Chairman’s Honors List
2008 Summer Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award, Brown University
2005 National Science Scholarship (BSc)

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