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Ms. GUO Jiayi Jessie

Scientist I


Soft Materials (SOF) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way Innovis, #08-03 Singapore 138634

Research Details

  • Synthetic bioactive polymeric materials for skin regeneration
  • Advanced materials for chronic wound care management
  • Ring opening metathesis polymerization
  • Catalytic olefin functionalization
  • Organometallic synthesis
  • Crystallization and characterization
  • Advanced dressings for chronic wound management
  • Mar 2018 to present : Scientist I, Institute of Materials Research & Engineering (IMRE), A*STAR
  • 2013 - 2014              : Postdoc Research Fellow, National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • 2009 - 2013 : PhD (Chemistry), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)
  • 2004 - 2008 : Bachelor (Chemistry), East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China
  • 2010 Best Publication Award, Journal of Applied Organometallic Chemistry, Wiley
  • 2007 Bachelor  Scholarship, Arkema (China) Investment Co., Ltd, France
  1. Guo. J.; Chan, Y.; Li, Y.; Ganguly, R.; sO, c.-W. Oxo-Bridged Bis (Group 4 Metal Unsymmetric Phosphonium-Stabilized Carbene) Complexes.  Organometallics 2015, 34, 1238.
  2. Guo. J.; Teo, P. Anti-Markovnikov Oxidation and Hydration of Terminal Olefins. Dalton Transactions. 2014, 43, 6952.
  3. Yang, Y.; Guo, J.; Ng, H.; Chen, Z.; Teo, P. Formal Hydration of Non-activated Terminal Olefins using Tandem Catalysts. Chem. Commun., 2014, 50, 2608.
  4. Guo, J.; Li, Y; Ganguly, R; So, C.-W. Reactivty of a Tin(II) (Iminophosphinoyl)(thiophsphinoyl) methanediide Complex Toward Isocyanates and Rhodium(I) Chloride.  Organometallics 2012, 18, 4258.
  5. Guo, J; Nowik, I; Herber, R.; Xi, H.-W.; Lim, K.-H.; So, C.-W. Reactivity of a Tin(II) (Iminophosphinoyl)(thiophosphinoyl) methanediide Complex Toward Sulfur: Synthesis and 119Sn Mössbauer Spectroscopic Studies of [{(μ-S)SnC(PPH2=NSiMe3)(PPh2=S)}3Sn(μ3-S)]. Inorg. Chem. 2012,51,3996.
  6. Guo, J; Lee, J-S.; Foo, M.-C.; Lau, K.-C.; Xi, H.-W.; Lim, H.W.; So, C.-W. Synthesis and Characterization of Magnesium and Aluminum Bis(phosphoranyl)methanediide Complexes. Organometallics 2010, 29, 939.
  7. Guo, J.; Lau, K.-C.; Xi, H.-W.; Lim, H. W.; So, C.-W. Synthesis and Characterization of a tin(II) bis(phosphinoyl)methanediide complex: a stannavinylidene derivative. Chem. Comm. 2010, 46, 1929.
  8. Chen, J.-H.; Guo, J.; Li, Y.; So, C.-W. Synthesis and Structure of [Li2C(PPh2=NSiMe3)(PPh2=S)]: A Geminal Dianionic Ligand. Organometallics 2009, 28, 4617.
  9. Guo, Z.; Guo, J.; Song, Y.; Wang, L.; Zou, G. Hemilabile-coordinated Copper Promoted Amination of Aryl Halides with Ammonia in Aqueous Ethylene Glycol under Atmosphere Pressure. Appl. Organo. Chem 2009, 23, 150. (Best Publication Award, Wiley 2010

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