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Dr. LEONG Xu Heng Victor

Scientist II


Advanced Optical Technologies (AOT) Department

6714 9188

2 Fusionopolis Way, Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

 Quantum optics
 Atomic physics
 Optical & laser systems
 Quantum optics
 Atomic physics
 Optical & laser systems
 Quantum nanophotonics platform with colour centres in nanodiamond crystals
 Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, A*STAR (2018 - present)
 Data Storage Institute, A*STAR (2016 - 2018)
 Centre for Quantum Technologies & Department of Physics, NUS (2011 - 2016)
 Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR (2010 - 2011)
 PhD, Centre for Quantum Technologies & Department of Physics, NUS
 M.A. (Cantab), Natural Sciences (Physics), University of Cambridge, UK
 A*STAR Graduate Scholarship (2011)
 National Science Scholarship (BS), A*STAR (2006)
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 6.  V. Leong, S. Kosen, B. Srivathsan, G. K. Gulati, A. Cerè, C. Kurtsiefer, “Hong-Ou-Mandel interference
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