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Dr. LIANG Xinan

Scientist III


Advanced Optical Technologies (AOT) Department

6714 9067

2 Fusionopolis Way, Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

 1.  Nanophotonics & Optoelectronic

 2.  Digital Holography and 3D Display

 3.  Non-destructive testing (NDT)

 4.  Optical Metrology (Interferometry, Colour)

 5.  Crystal Growth and Characterization

 1.  Dielectric Metasurface Optical Element and Hologram

 2.  Tunable Dielectric Metasurface Based Optical Component

 3.  Computer Generated Holography and 3D Display

 4.  Digital Shearography Optical Setup and Image Processing

 5.  Pulsed Phase Thermography for Weak Bond Detection

 6.  Color Matching and Color Mixing

 7.  Bulk Optical Crystal Growth and Characterization


 1.   Sub-wavelength-resolution spatial light modulators based on active nano-antennas and metasurfaces

 2.   Development of an Integrated Digital Shearography and Pulsed Phase Thermography System
       for Dynamic Non-destructive Detection of Weak Bonds in Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites

 3.   Color Match and Paint Color Mixing Devices

 4.   Out of Autoclave Structural Bonded Repair of Composite Aircraft Structures :
       Quality Control of Bonding Process

 5.   Full-Color Large-Screen Digital Holographic 3D Display for Home

 6.   Portable Holographic 3D Display for Mobile Devices

 7.   Wavelength-Agile Optical Access Networking System

 8.   Laser Thermal Lithography

 9.   Exploration of Ultra-high Density Optical Recording Medium Using 2D/3D Colloidal Crystals

 10. Various internal holographic/microholographic recording material and system related project


 1.  Scientist III
      June 2018 - Present
      Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR

 2.  Senior Research Fellow, Scientist II, Scientist III
      March 2002 - May 2018
      Data Storage Institute, A*STAR

 3.  Assistant Professor
      July 2000 - February 2002
      Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy Sciences

 4.  Assistant Engineer
      September 1992 - August 1994
      First Grinding Wheel Work, Shengyang, China


 1.  PhD ( Material Science )
      September 1997 - June 2000
      Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

 2.  MS. ( Electron, Ion and Vacuum Physics )
      September 1994 - June 1997
      Lanzhou Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Space Technology
      ( September 1994 - June 1995 Xi'an Jiaotong University for Master Courses )

 3.  BS. Material Science
      September 1994 - July 1997
      Department of Material Science, Lanzhou University, China


 1.  A*STAR Aerospace Programme Achievement Award, 2017

 2.  Best Oral Presenter (Engineering), 1st A*STAR Postdoctoral Symposium, 2004

 3.  The 2nd Class Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award,
      from China National Space Industry Corporation (No.96B2088) Dec.30.1996

 Member of SPIE, OSA and SID

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       NANO LETTERS, 18(3) 2124-2132, 2018;

 2.   Liang XA, Paniagua-Dominguez R, Yu YF, Fu YH, Kuznetsov AI, Kuznetsov, Near Unity Transmission
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 3.   Liang XA, Xu XW, Zheng RT, Lum Abel, Qiu JJ, Optical constant of CoFeB thin film measured
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 4.   Xu XW., Liang XA., Pan YC., Zheng RT. Lum, ZA, Spatiotemporal multiplexing and streaming
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 5.   Pan YC, Xu XW, Liang XA, Fast distributed large-pixel-count hologram computation using a GPU
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 6.   Lum ZA, Liang XA, Pan YC, Zheng RT, Xu XW, Increasing pixel count of holograms
       for three-dimensional holographic display by optical scan-tiling, Optical Engineering 52(1):5802
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 7.   Ridwan BAT, Xu XW, Liang XA, Solanki S, Pan YC, Farzam F, Chong TC , Holographic 3D display
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 9.   X.A. Liang, X.W. Xu, S. Solanki, Y.C. Pan, R.B.A. Tanjung, C.W. Tan, B.X. Xu, T.C. Chong,
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 10. Xu SH, Farzam F, Solanki S, Liang XA, Xu XW, Regular effective hologram regions for computer-generated
       holography, Applied Optics, Vol. 48 Issue 34, pp.H196-H202 (2009)

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