Personal Details

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Dr. Reuben Michael BAKKER

Scientist III


Industry Development Office

6714 9049

2 Fusionopolis Way, Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

 Technology Transfer, Nanotechnology, Nanophotonics, Optical Measurements, Nanofabrication
 Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy, Nanophotoics

 2008 - Present
 Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR
 Data Storage Institute, A*STAR

 2002 - 2008
 Research Assistant
 Birck Nanotechnology Centre

 Summer Faculty, Naval Research Labs

 1.  PhD in Engineering, 2008, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, USA

 2.  Masters of Science in Engineering, 2004, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, USA

 3.  Bachelor of Applied Science, 2002, Engineering Physics, Queens' University, Canada

 1.   Lasing action in active dielectric nanoantenna arrays, Nature Nanotechnology, 2018

 2.   A metalens with a near-unity numerical aperture, Nano letters, 2018

 3.   Resonant light guiding along a chain of silicon nanoparticles, Nano letters, 2017

 4.   Magnetic and electric hotspots with silicon nanodimers, Nano letters, 2015

 5.   Nonradiating anapole modes in dielectric nanoparticles, Nature Communications, 2015

 6.   Design and fabrication of random silver films as substrate for SERS based nano-stress sensing of proteins,
       RSC Advances, 2014

 7.   Demonstration of a spaser-based nanolaser, Nature, 2009

 8.   Enhanced localized fluorescence in plasmonic nanoantennae, Applied Physics Letters, 2008

 9.   Nanoantenna array-induced fluorescence enhancement and reduced lifetimes, New Journal of Physics, 2008

 10. Near-field excitation of nanoantenna resonance, Optics Express, 2007

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