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Dr. CHUNG Hong Jing

Scientist II


Electronic Materials (ELE) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way, Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

-- development of device integration and optimize the fabrication process for topological insulator (TI)-MTJ

-- R&D of emerging non-volatile memory technology including SOT-MTJ film stacks development, wafer level fabrication of SOT-MTJ devices

--concept devices exploration, development, process integration and fabrication with other promising candidates e.g. Weyl semimetal, etc

-device fabrication tools, electron beam lithography

-scanning probe characterization and manipulation techniques

-other characterization techniques such as Alternative Gradient Field Magnetometer, etc.

Topological Insulator-Magnetic Tunneling Junction integration and device fabrication, SOT-MRAM             

Reduction of magnetic damping and isotropic coercivity and increase of saturation magnetization in Rh-incorporated CoIr system. H S Wong, S K He, H J Chung, M S Zhang, Kelvin Cher, Melvin Low, T J Zhou, Y Yang and S K Wong. Nanotechnology, 27, 455705 (2016).

Co/Fe multilayers with ultra-low damping and large negative anisotropy as the free layer for spin torque oscillator. H J Chung, H S Wong, S K He, M S Zhang, Melvin Low, Kelvin Cher, T J Zhou, Y Yang and , S L G Ng. Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 182401 (2016).

Writing nanopatterns with electrochemical oxidation on redox responsive organometallic multilayers by AFM. Jing Song, Mark A Hempenius, Hong Jing Chung, G Julius Vancso. Nanoscale, 22, 9970 (2015).

Atomic Force Microscopy-Based Nano-Oxidation (Book Chapter). Xian Ning Xie, Hong Jing Chung, Andrew TS Wee. Scanning Probe Microscopy. World Scientific Publishing. Page 205-222 (2011).

pH responsive polymeric brush nanostructures: Preparation and characterization by scanning probe oxidation and surface initiated polymerization. Edmondo M Benetti, Hong Jing Chung, G Julius Vancso.  Macromolecular rapid communications. 30, 411 (2009).

Nanoscale materials patterning and engineering by atomic force microscopy nanolithography. Xian Ning Xie, HJ Chung, CH Sow, ATS Wee. Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports, 54, 1-48 (2006).


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