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Mr. NG Siu Kit

Specialist II


Nanofabrication (NFB) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way, Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

Nanofabrication (Thin film processes), III-V Semiconductor Device Fabrication and Characterization.

Thin Film Processes

200/ 300mm AMAT Endura, 200/ 300mm AMAT Producer, LAM Speed CVD tool, Picosun PEALD machine.

Oxford ICP CVD, IAD machine, Evaporator, Rapid thermal annealing machine , Oxidation Furnace and Electroplating Tool.

Dielectric coating on metal wire using atomic layer deposition

Spin Orbit Torque

RRAM 64kB CMOS Integration 


Flat lens fabrication

A*Star Institute Of Material Research and Engineering (IMRE) ,Specialist II (June 18 to current)

A*Star Data Storage Institute (DSI) ,Research Engineer (Mar 12 to June 18)

REC Solar (Cells), Process Engineer (wet etching process) – SDE, Diffusion, PSG, PECVD, Metal printing and cell testing process (Mar 2011 to Mar 2012)                                                                                                          

ST Microelectronics, Process Engineer, Specialist - Chemical / Plasma Vapour Deposition Department

  (Jul 2006 to Feb 2011)

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Hons), University of Queensland


,Doris K. T. Ng*Qian WangTing WangSiu-Kit NgYeow-Teck TohKim-Peng LimYi Yang, and Dawn T. H. TanExploring High Refractive Index Silicon-Rich Nitride Films by Low-Temperature Inductively Coupled Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition and Applications for Integrated Waveguides.  ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2015, 7 (39), pp 21884–21889

Doris K. T Ng ,SiuKit Ng ,YeowTeck Toh ,A. K. L. Chee, George F. R. Chen .Qian Wang ,Dawn T. H. Tan Supercontinuum generation in bandgap engineered, backend CMOS compatible silicon rich nitride waveguides

Asymmetric Nanoantennas for Ultrahigh Angle Broadband Visible Light Bending Egor Khaidarov†‡Hanfang HaoRamón Paniagua-DomínguezYe Feng YuYuan Hsing FuVytautas ValuckasSherry Lee Koon YapYeow Teck TohJeff Siu Kit Ng, and Arseniy I. Kuznetsov* Lett., 2017, 17 (10), pp 6267–6272

Nano suboxide layer generated in Ta2O5 by Ar ion irradiation                                        

W. D. Songa)J. F. Yinga)W. HeV. Y.-Q. ZhuoR. JiH. Q. XieS. K. NgSerene L. G. Ng, and Y. Jiang

Optical Parametric Amplification in Ultra Silicon Rich Nitride Waveguides

K. J. A. Ooi, D. K. T. Ng, T. Wang, A. K. L. Chee, S. K. Ng, L. K. Ang, Q. Wang and D. T. H. Tan



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