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Ms. WONG Hoi Ka, Ivy

Industry Development Assistant Manager


Industry Development Office


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03 Singapore 138634

Research Details

2007 - 2008 Research Admin Officer

BSci (Hons) in Physics, University of Nottingham, UK, 2007

  1. A new 3-D coordination polymer as a precursor for CuI-based thermoelectric composites. BAI Shiqiang,  T. S. Andy Hor, Ivy WONG Hoi Ka, ZHANG Nan, Karen KE Lin, LIN Ming, David J. Young. Dalton Transactions: 10.1039/C8DT03219J, November 2018.
  2. A thermoelectric copper-iodide composite from pyrolysis of a well-defined coordination polymer. BAI Shiqiang, Ivy WONG Hoi Ka, LIN Ming, David J. Young, T. S. Andy Hor. Dalton Transactions : 10.1039/C8DT00090E, March 2018.
  3. One-dimensional coordination polymer containing cyclic [Ag4] cluster with hybrid pyridine and thioether functionalized 1,2,3-triazole. BAI Shiqiang, Ivy WONG Hoi Ka. Crystals : 10.3390/cryst8010016, January 2018.
  4. Low Band-Gap Weak Donor-Strong Acceptor Conjugated Polymer for Organic Solar Cell. SHI Zugui, Ivy WONG Hoi Ka, WANG Xizu, CHELLAPPAN Vijila, WANG Fei, LI Gongqiang, Tjiu Weng Weei, XU Jian Wei, LI Jun. RSC Advances : DOI: 10.1039/C5RA19715E, November 2015.
  5. Low Band-gap Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Containing Polymers for Near Infrared Electrochromic and Photovoltaic Applications. XU Jian Wei, Neo Wei Teng, YE Qun, Ivy WONG Hoi Ka, LIN Ting Ting, Wen Jie Ong. J Polym. Sci. Part A: Polym. Chem. : 2015, 53, 1287–1295, June 2015.
  6. Synthesis of Regiorandom homopolymer of 3-alkydithieno[3,2-b:2’,3’-d]thiophene for High Performance Thin-Film Transistors. LI Gongqiang, Qi Dongchen, Ivy WONG Hoi Ka, LI Jun.  polymer chemistry : 2015,6, 459-465, June 2015.
  7. Design and synthesis of benzothiadiazole–oligothiophene polymers for organic solar cell applications. LI Jun - Scientist II, LIM Siew Lay, Ivy WONG Hoi Ka, LIN Ting Ting, CHEN Zhi Kuan, John de Mello, Huei-Shuan Tan, Lionel Chuan-Hui Moh. Polymer Chemistry : Vol 4, pages 1863–1873, April 2013.
  8. Design and Modification of Three Components Randomly Incorporated Copolymers for High Performance Organic Photovoltaic Application. LI Jun, ONG Kok Haw, Prashant SONA, LIM Siew Lay, Ivy WONG Hoi Ka, CHEN Zhi Kuan. Polymer chemistry : Vol 4, pages 804–811, April 2013.
  9. An alternating copolymer based on dithienothiophene and diketopyrrolopyrrole units for thin-film transistors and organic solar cells. SeaH Kang Yee, LI Jun, Kok Haw ONG, Ivy WONG Hoi Ka, LIM Siew Lay, CHEN Zhi Kuan. Polym. Chem. : 4 (2), 260 - 263, January 2013.
  10. Synthesis and Photovoltaic Properties of Two-Dimensional Low-Bandgap Copolymers Based on New Benzothiadiazole Derivatives with Different Conjugated Arylvinylene Side Chains. PENG Qiang, LIM Siew Lay, Ivy WONG Hoi Ka, CHEN Zhi Kuan, XU Jun. Chemistry – A European Journal : 10.1002/chem.201200730, Volume 18, Issue 38, pages 12140–12151, September 17, 2012.
  11. Synthesis and Characterization of a Series of Low-Bandgap Copolymers Based on Cyclopenta[2,1-b:3,4-b’]dithiophene and Thienopyrroledione for Photovoltaic Applications. HONG Young Rae, Ivy WONG Hoi Ka, CHEN Zhi Kuan, Tyler B. NORSTEN, Joo Yee Ng, Lionel C. H. Moh, Yong Jie Yip. Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells : 10.1016/j.solmat.2012.03.028, April 2012.
  12. Random Copolymer Based on Dithienothiophene and Diketopyrrolopyrrole Units for High Performance Organic Solar Cell. LI Jun, Kok Haw ONG, LIM Siew Lay, Ivy WONG Hoi Ka, CHEN Zhi Kuan, Ging-Meng Ng, Tan Huei-Shuan. Chemical Communications : Vol 47, 9480–9482, July 2011.
  13. A Versatile Low Bandgap Polymer for Air-Stable, High Mobility Field-Effect Transistors and Efficient Polymer Solar Cells. Ong Kok Haw, Lim Siew Lay, Tan Huei Shuan, Wong Hoi Ka, Li Jun, Ma Zhun, Lim Suo Hon, John de Mello, Chen Zhi-kuan. Advanced Materials : 23 , 11 , 1409 to 1413, May 2011.
Crystals : 10.3390/cryst8010016
Crystals : 10.3390/cryst8010016
Crystals : 10.3390/cryst8010016
  1. LI Jun, Ong Kok Haw, Chen Zhikuan, Zhao Yujun, Lim Siew Lay, Ivy WONG Hoi Ka, Yang Le, Seah Kang Yee, "p-Type semiconducting polymers, the method of preparationand their useof", US Patent Application 14/655,716.
  2. Chen Zhikuan, LI Jun, Beng ONG, Samarendra Pratap SINGH, ONG Kok Haw, WONG Hoi Ka Ivy. "Polymeric Semiconductors, Devices and Related Methods"PCT P2015-096607A, US Patent No. US 8,765,968, Chinese Patent No. ZL 2010 8 0041373.3, Taiwan Patent No. I481639. 

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