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Ms. GOH Seok Hong

Industry Development Assistant Manager


Industry Development Office


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03 Singapore 138634

Research Details

Patterning of polymeric materials like thermoplastic, elastomer-based materials and hydrogels

Effect of topography for anti-bacteria phenomenon

Effect of topography/surface modification on cells behaviours such as cell adhesion, proliferation, endocytosis and transfection

Effect of surface modification towards drug and non-viral gene delivery

Food freshness detection and evaluation

Nanoimprint Lithography

Surface characterization via scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy and etc

Mammalian cell cultures and various biological assay

  1. Patterning and Fabrication of Graphene Devices
  2. Nanotopographical Modulation of Endocytosis for Drug and Gene Delivery
  3. Consortium On Nanoimprint (ICON) Project – Towards anti-bacterial surface
  4. Consortium On Nanoimprint (ICON)  Project – Anti-bacterial surfaces (Biofilm Formation)
  5. Nanofabrication and Magnetic Active Cell Patterning for Vascular Engineering
  6. AP Cy 9: Multimodal NDT method for surface cracks inspection
  • Jul 2008 – Apr 2012 Specialist I, IMRE
  • Apr 2012 – Current Specialist II, IMRE


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Biomedical Eng.) National University of Singapore, 2015
  • Bachelor of Engineering(Material Eng), Nanyang Technological University, 2008
  1. Marie F.A. Cutiongco, Seok Hong Goh, Rachida Aid-Launais, Catherine Le Visage, Hong Yee Low, Evelyn K.F. Yim, Planar and tubular patterning of micro and nano-topographies on poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogel for improved endothelial cell responses, Biomaterials, Volume 84, April 2016, Pages 184-195.
  2. Enhanced differentiation of neural progenitor cells into neurons of the mesencephalic dopaminergic subtype on topographical patterns, Kenneth K.B. Tan, Jason Y. Tann, Sharvari R. Sathe, Seok Hong Goh, Dongliang Ma, Eyleen L.K. Goh, Evelyn K.F. Yim,  Biomaterials, 43, 2015, Pages 32-43.
  3. Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy Study of Charge Transport Across an Au/Graphene-Oxide/Modified-Si Stack, R.S. Kajen, N. Chandrasekhar, Ming Hua Ng, Seok Hong Goh, Kin Leong Pey and C.Vijila,  ECS Solid State Lett. , 1(2)201.
  4. The effect of micro and nanotopography on endocytosis in drug and gene delivery systems, Benjamin K.K. Teo, Seok-Hong Goh, Tanu S. Kustandi, Wei Wei Loh, Hong Yee Low, Evelyn K.F. Yim, Biomaterials, 32 (36), 2011, Pages 9866-9875.
  5. Scalable nanoimprint patterning of thin graphitic oxide sheets and in situ reduction Lee, Yeong-Yuh and Chong, Karen S. L. and Goh, Seok-Hong ,Ng, Andrew M. H. , Kunnavakkam, Madanagopal V. , Hee, Chiou-Liu, Xu, Yanping, Tantang, Hosea, Su, Ching-Yuan and Li, Lain-Jong, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 29, 2011, 011023.


  1. “Construct for promoting absorption of molecules by a cell and methods of using the construct”, US20130244889 A1, Sept 19, 2013, King Fai Evalyn YIM, Hong Yee Low, Tanu Suryadi Kustandi, Kim Kiat Teo, Seok Hong GOH

  2. “A Polymeric Film Surface”, US20150104622 A1, Apr 16, 2015, Karen Siew Ling Chong, Yeong Yuh Lee, Seok Hong GOH, Kevin Beng Chin Khaw, Ryan Chaw, Hong Yee Low, Adrian Yeo, Weng Keong Choy, Han Liat Loh

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