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Dr. GUO Shifeng

Scientist I


Advanced Characterisation and Instrumentation (ACI) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) and structural health monitoring (SHM)
  • Marine antifouling (ultrasound and materials)
  • Scanning probe microscopy based nano-mechanic study
  • Ultrasonic transducers and sensors, including SAW devices

  • Ultrasound analysis and applications: NDT, laser ultrasonics, ultrasonic cavitations
  • Scanning probe microscopy: AFM: probe chemical modification, protein adhesion measurement, surface nanomechanical property analysis, C-AFM and PFM
  • Noise and vibration analysis: material acoustic property study, experimental modal analysis, sound intensity measurement, laser scanning vibrometer on vibration measurement, finite element modelling and simulation

  • Sensors & transducers research program

  • Marine antifouling

  • Dec 2012-to-date Scientist I, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (Singpore)
  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2013
2009-2013 Research Scholarship, NUS, Singapore

Selected Journal Publications

  1. Guo S, Zhu X, Jańczewski D, Lee SSC, He T, Teo LSM, Vancso GJ. 2016. Measuring protein isoelectric points at the molecular scale by AFM using trace amount of sample. Nat Nanotechnol 11:817-823. This research was highlighted by media including Science Daily, Nature News, Phys Org, Digital Journal, Nanotechnology Now, Nanowerk, Frogheart etc., and an interview was given by Lianhe Zaobao.
  2. Guo S, Zhang L, Chen S, Shen Z, Mirshekarloo, MS, Liu H, Chen YF, Wong ZZ, Yao K. 2016. Method and analysis for determining yielding of titanium alloy with nonlinear Rayleigh surface waves. Mater Sci Eng A 669:41-47.
  3. Zhu˭, X, Guo S˭, He T, Jiang S, Jańczewski D, Vancso GJ. 2016. Engineered, robust polyelectrolyte multilayers by precise control of surface potential for designer protein, cell and bacteria adsorption. Langmuir 32:1338-46 (co-first author).

  4. Mirshekarloo, MS, Tan CY, Zhang L, Chen S, Sze SC, Guo S, Yao K. 2016. Transparent Piezoelectric Film Speakers for Active Noise Mitigation. Inter-noise, 79-84.

  5. Li X, Tang X, Wang F, Chellappan V, Weei TW, Guo S, Wang H, Wu  D, Li J. 2016. Investigations of a New High-Performance Low-Band-Gap Photovoltaic Polymer Semiconductor. IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 6: 696 – 704.

  6. Gan L, Song Jing, Guo S, Jańczewski D, Nijhuisa, CA. 2016. Side chain effects in the packing structure and stiffness of redox-responsive ferrocene-containing polymer brushes. Eur Polym J 83:517-528.

  7. Liu HF, Liu W, Guo S, and Chi DZ. 2016. Crystallographic tilt and in-plane anisotropies of a-plane InGaN/GaN layered structure grown by MOCVD on r-sapphire using ZnO buffer. J Phys D: Appl Phys 49:085103.

  8. Liu HF, Jin YJ, Li CG, Dolmanan SB, Guo S, Tripathy S, Tan CC. 2016. High-resolution X-ray diffraction and micro-Raman scattering studies of Ge(:Ga) thin films grown on GaAs (001) substrates by MOCVD. RCS Adv 6:52575-52582.

  9. Song HY, Wong TI, Guo S, Deng J,  Tan C, Gorelik S, Zhou X. 2015. Nanoimprinted thrombin aptasensor with picomolar sensitivity based on plasmon excited quantum dots. Sensor Actuat B-

  10. Li X, Liu J, Tang X, Guo S, Li J, Wang H, Liu B, Leong WL. 2015. Improvement in polymer solar cell performance and eliminating light soaking effect via UV-light treatment on conjugated polyelectrolyte interlayer. Org Electron 25:105-111.

  11. Song HY, Wong TI, Sadovoy A, Wu L, Bai P, Deng J, Guo S, Wang Y, Knol Wl,Zhou X. 2015. Imprinted gold 2D nanoarray for highly sensitive and convenient PSA detection via plasmon excited quantum dots. Lab on a chip 7:253-263.

  12. Zhu X, Jańczewski D, Guo S, Lee SSC, Velandia FJP,  Teo SLM, He T, Puniredd SR, Vancso GJ. 2015. Polyion multilayers with precise surface charge control for antifouling. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 14:852-861.

  13. He T,  Jańczewski D, Jana S, Parthiban A,  Guo S, Zhu X, Lee SSC, Velandia FJP, Teo SLM, Vancso, GJ. 2015. Efficient and robust coatings using poly(2-methyl-2-oxazoline) and its copolymers for marine and bacterial fouling prevention. J Polym Sci A Polym DOI: 10.1002/POLA.27912.
  14. Bhartia B, Bacher N, Jayaraman S, Khatib S, Song J, Guo S, Troadec C, Puniredd SR, Srinivasan MP, Haick H. 2015. Application of Organophosphonic Acids by One-Step Supercritical CO2 on 1D and 2D Semiconductors: Toward Enhanced Electrical and Sensing Performances.  ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 7:14885-14895.
  15. Puniredd SR, Janczewski D, Go DP, Zhu X, Guo S, Teo, SLM, Lee, SSC, Vancso GJ. 2015. Imprinting of metal receptors into multilayer polyelectrolyte films: fabrication and applications in marine antifouling. Chem Sci 6:372-383.
  16. Puniredd SR, Jayaraman S, Gandhimathi C, Ramakrishna S, Venugopal JR, Yeo TW, Guo S, Quintana R, Jańczewski D, Srinivasan MP. 2015. Deposition of zwitterionic polymer brushes in a dense gas medium. J Colloid Interface Sci 448:156–162.
  17. Guo S, Puniredd SR, Janczewski D, Lee SSC, Teo SLM, He T, Zhu X, Vancso GJ. 2014. Barnacle larvae exploring surfaces with variable hydrophilicity: Influence of morphology and adhesion of “footprint” proteins by AFM. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 6: 13667-13676.
  18. Guo S*, Khoo BC, Teo, SLM, Zhong S, Lim CT, Lee HP. 2014. Effect of ultrasound on cyprid footprint and juvenile barnacle adhesion on a fouling release material. Colloids Surf B 115:118-124.
  19. Zhu X, Guo S, Janczewski D, Velandia, FJP, Teo SLM, Vancso, GJ. 2014. Multilayers of Fluorinated Amphiphilic Polyions for Marine Fouling Prevention. Langmuir, 30:288-296.
  20. Quintana, R, Janczewski D, Vasantha, VA, Jana, S, Lee, SSC, Velandia, FPJ, Guo S, Parthiban, A, Teo, SLM, Vancso, GJ. 2014. Sulfobetaine-based polymer brushes in marine environment: Is therean effect of the polymerizable group on the antifouling performance? Colloids Surf B 120:118–124.
  21. Guo S*, Khoo BC, Teo SLM, Lee HP. 2013. The effect of cavitation bubbles on the removal of juvenile barnacles. Colloids Surf B 109:219-227.
  22. Tan LK, Liu B, Teng JH, Guo S, Low HY, Loh KP. 2014. Atomic Layer Deposition of MoS2 film. Nanoscale 6:10584-10588.
  23. Guo S*, Lee HP, Teo SLM, Khoo BC. 2012. Inhibition of barnacle cyprid settlement using low frequency and intensity ultrasound. Biofouling 28: 131-141.
  24. Guo SF, Lee HP, Chaw KC, Miklas J, Teo SLM, Dickinson GH, Birch WR, Khoo BC. 2011. Effect of ultrasound on cyprids and juvenile barnacles. Biofouling 27:185-192.
  25. Guo S*, Lee HP, Khoo BC. 2011. Inhibitory effect of ultrasound on barnacle (Amphibalanus amphitrite) cyprid settlement. J Exp Mar Biol Ecol 409:253-258. 


Selected Conference Presentations (Oral)

  1. Guo S, Zhang L, Chen S, Shen Z, Shekarloo MS, Liu H, Chen YF, Yao K. IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium. 18-21 Sep, 2016, Tours, France.
  2. Guo S, Zhang L, Chen S, Shen Z, Shekarloo MS, Liu H, Chen YF, Yao K. IEEE Joint ISAF-ISIF-PFM Conference. 24–27 May 2015, Singapore.
  3. Guo S, Janczewski D, Puniredd SR, ZHU X, Lee SSC, Teo SLM, Vancso GJ. International Conference on Biological and Biomimetic Adhesives. 6-9 May 2014, Istanbul, Turkey.
  4. Guo S, Puniredd SR, JANCZEWSKI D, Lee SSC, Teo SLM, Vancso GJ. International Congress on Marine Corrosion and Fouling. 6 - 10 July 2014, Singapore.
  5. Guo S, Lee HP, Teo SLM, Khoo BC. Proceeding of the 16th international congress on marine corrosion and fouling. 24-28 June 2012, Seattle, Washington, USA.

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