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Dr. HE Chaobin

Principal Scientist I


Joint Appointments, Polymer Composite (PMC) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

  • Functional Nanocomposites
  • Organic-inorganic Hybrid materials
  • Functional Polymers & Supramolecular Self-assembly
  • Structure, Morphology & Property of Polymeric Materials
  • Scattering methods in polymer research (SAXS, WAXS and light scattering).
  • Structural study of polymer materials.
  • Polymer characterization.
  • Molecular Design and Synthesis of Nano-structured materials
  • Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS) Modified Polymers.
  • Polymer Nanocomposites.
  • Fracture and Toughening of Composites of Polymers and Nanoscale Inorganic and Organic Fillers.
  • Block-Copolymers and Self-assembly
  • Mar 15-present: Principal Scientist
  • Jan 10-Mar 15: Principal Scientist/ Program Manager, Nanocomposites
  • Oct 07-Jan 10 : Senior Scientist / Program Manager, Nanocomposites
  • July 02-Oct 07: Senior Scientist / Cluster Manager, MPMC
  • Oct 01-July 02: Senior Scientist / Acting Cluster Manager, MBMC
  • Aug 01-Oct 01: Senior Scientist / Technical Manager, MBMC
  • Feb 99-Mar 01: Research Scientist
  • Oct 96-Feb 99: Postdoc Fellow, USM, USA
  • Dec 94-Oct 96: Postdoc Fellow, Cavendish Lab, Univ. of Cambridge
  • July 87-Mar 91: Lecturer, South China Univ. of Tech
  • Ph.D., Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge, U. K. 1995
  • M.Sc. Dept. of Light Chemical Engineering, South China Univ. of Tech., China, 1987
  • B.Sc. Dept of Light Chemical Engineering, South China Univ. of Tech., China, 1984
Cambridge Overseas Scholarship
Member, MRS, Singapore
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27) Novel Fillers for Strong and Tough Polymer Composite, 
Inventors: He Chaobin, Fan Xiaoshan, Thitsartarn Warintorn, Sun Yang, Jayven Yeo Chee Chuan

26) Toughening of Epoxy using SiO2 Nanoparticles 
Inventors: Liu Songlin, He Chaobin, Fan Xiaoshan

25) Method to develop stable hybrid micelles from Thermo-responsive copolymers and their applications for thermally denatured protein protection.
Inventors: Li Zibiao, Maureen Janet Tan Beng Hoon, He Chao Bin

24) A Composite Foam Laminate and Its Usage
Inventors: Leong Yew Wei, Pan Yongzheng, Lu Pin, He Chao Bin

23) Electrospun Carbon Fibrous Mats from Lignin and Their Application as Electrode Materials for Energy Storage
Inventors: Li Xu, He Chao Bin, Wang Suxi, Wong Siew Yee, Chen Shilin

22) Polyamide/Glass-Fiber/Clay Ternary Composites with High Strength, Modulus and Impact Resistance
Inventors: Li Xu, He Chao Bin, Gu Haiwen, Wong Siew Yee, Chen Shilin

21) New Block Copolymers and Their Applications for Anti-Fouling.
Inventors: Gudipati CS, Hussain H, Tan BH, Liu Y, He CB and Davis TP

20) Copolymers as Rheology Modifiers
Inventors: Wu Decheng, Liu Ye, Xu Jianwei, He Chaobin

19) Fluorinated Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes
Inventors: Xu Jianwei, Wang Xiaobai, He Chaobin, Zhang Jun, Ji Rong, Xu Baoxi

18) Resin/Metal laminate and circuit board having excellent dielectric properties
Inventors: He Chaobin, Mya Khine Yi, Xiao Yang, Md. Abdul Wahab, Shoji Toshihiko, Masahiro Toriida, Katsunori Nishiura

17) A barrier layer, a process of making a barrier layer and uses thereof; 
Inventor: Li Xu, He Chao Bin, Low Jia En, Wong Siew Yee

16. Elastomers cross-linked by Poly(lactic acid) Stereocomplex; 
Inventors: He Chaobin, Lin Ting Ting, Wong Pui Kwan, Ye Suming

15. Composition and Method for Making High Performnce Epoxy-SiO2 Nanocomposites
Inventors: Nopphawan Phonthammachai, Chaobin He, Xu Li and Hong Ling Chia

14. Composition and Method for Making Multilayer Laminate of High Performance Carbon Fibre-reinforced Thermosetting Nanocompsoite
Inventors: Nopphawan Phonthammachai, Chaobin He and Xu Li

13. Polyimide-HACP Composites
Inventors: Katsunori Nishiura; Masahiro Toriida; Toshihiko Takaki; Chaobin He, Xiao Yang, Khine Yi Mya

12. Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube/polymer Composite Thin Film Through Eectrophoretic Deposition and Applications Therefor.
Inventors: Li X, He CB, Wu DC, Liu Y. 

11. Stimulus-responsive biodegradable polymers and methods of preparation
Inventors: Ye Liu, Decheng Wu, Chaobin He

10. A Substrate for Circuit Boards
Inventors: Kazuyuki Fukuda, Toshisjiko Takaki, Chaobin HE, Khine Yi Mya

9. A Process for Preparing a Composite Film of Polyimide and Clay Mineral
Inventors: Kazuyuki Fukuda, Toshisjiko Takaki, Chaobin HE, Khine Yi Mya

8. Formulation for Hard Coating
Inventors: Norio Nakayama, Toshisjiko Takaki, Chaobin HE, Khine Yi Mya, Yang Xiao

7. Electroconductive Curable Resin Compositions
Inventors: Kotaki Masaya, Chaobin He, Ke Wang

6. Biodegradable poly(ester alkyleneimine)s and their applications
Inventors: Liu Ye, He Chaobin, Wu Decheng

5. Polymer/clay nanocomposites made by melt compounding polymer with a versatile batch
Inventors: Wang Ke, He Chaobin, Toh Meiling, Mya Khine Yi

4. Quantum confined light-emitting dot material for low dimensional semiconductors
Inventors: He Chaobin, Xiao Yang, Huang Junchao, Khine Yi Mya

3. Polymers for the delivery of bioactive agents and methods of their preparation 
Inventors: Liu Ye, Wang Shu, He Chaobin

2. Polyalkylenimine (PAI)-graft-biodegradable polymers for delivery of bioactive agents
Inventors: Liu Ye, Wong Kok Hou, Sun Guobin, He Chaobin

1. Nanocomposites and process for their production
Inventors: Wang Ke, Wu Jingshen, Chen Ling, He Chaobin

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