Polymer composite is the material formed when the reinforcing materials are bounded together by a polymer matrix. This synergistic effect brought about significant improvement in mechanical properties as well as other functionalities that cannot be achieved by the individual component. With advancement in polymers and interfacial sciences, additional functionality can be added to the matrix and/or reinforcement, to have “tailor-made” polymer composite for particular applications. This light weight, high strength and toughness material have become an integral part of many industries.

Polymer Composite Department 1
The research in PMC Department centers on the design and engineering of high performance reinforced and functional polymer matrix composites. The key capabilities of this department are in organic-inorganic hybrid fillers and additives, advanced polymer composites processing, structure-property-process relationship analysis and development of high value-added composite blends and formulations for key applications in chemicals, aerospace and automotive industries.
Polymer Composite Department

Materials and Technologies for Structural Composite

Thermoplastic reinforced composite
Lightweight, high strength, high impact resistant thermoplastics composites are gaining a lot of attention due to their ease of processability and recyclability. Thermoplastics when incorporated with different reinforcement, be it short strand filler or continuous fibre, can have different properties and functionalities, and are used in a wide range of applications. Some of the commonly used thermoplastics

Fibre reinforced thermoplastic

Nanofiller (clay, silica, POSS, etc.) reinforced composite

Technologies derived from thermoplastic composites

Thermoset reinforced composite

Thermoset composites are used in a wide range of industries such as the aerospace, automobile, construction and even in the home appliance industry. Uncured resin, being in the liquid phase, can impregnate the reinforcing fibers, making it easy to handle.

Nanofiller reinforced thermoset composite

Technologies derived from thermoplastic composites

Composite for structural repair

Technologies are also developed for composite surface cleaning and repair. 

Handheld A-plasma used for CFRP cleaning

Scarf repair technology on CFRP

Green and sustainable composites

Efforts are made in developing green and sustainable composites. These include developing carbon fibre from biomass, carbon sizing technology and re-cyclable and up-cyclable composite.

Carbon fibre from biomass

Biodegradable composite with enhanced toughness

Materials and Technologies for Functional Composite

Barrier materials and its application

Composite materials for sealants and adhesive

Composite coatings and paints

Composite for extreme environments