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A*STAR – SCG Chemicals Advanced Composite Joint Lab



  • Develop and strengthen technologies, methods and capabilities for polyolefin composite and functional composite for existing and emerging applications
  • Build the network of value chain partners of polyolefin composite business regionally and globally


  • Advance and expand the application boundary and business network of polyolefin composite
Launched in 2018, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and SCG Chemicals initiated the advanced composite joint lab dedicated to the development of platform technology for polyolefin to create the new value for composite materials. This collaboration represents an important milestone in enabling a step-change in polyolefin manufacture to raise the capability of polyolefin to advance and emerging applications.

The A*STAR – SCG Chemicals Joint Lab will focus on development of “engineered polyolefins” to serve the target applications in various industries such as automotive, electrification and electrical appliance etc. The developed polyolefin composites can provide uniquely benefits such as high strength, light weight, and high thermal stability etc. A*STAR and SCG Chemicals believe that this collaboration will be the foundation for further platform collaboration on short-, mid- and long-term applications in various applications.
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1. High performance polyolefin composite resin for various applications 

  • For short fiber composite, the developed resin has mechanical performance as good as some engineering plastics with at 20-30% less weight.
  • For continuous fiber reinforced polyolefin composite (CFRTP) application, the performance of the CFRTP is in the top range (i.e., ~10-30 % higher strength), as compared against the commercial available products of leading companies in this industry.
  • For long fiber composite, the performance of LFT is ~10-40 % higher strength, as compared against the commercial available products of leading companies in this industry. 

2. Building partners in Value chain with many local and international companies


  • Interface enhancement technology to form the firm and permanent chemical bond between matrix and filler to enhance the mechanical property of polyolefin composite
  • Multifunctional additive fillers to create the additional function of polyolefin composite for target applications
  • Dynamic fillers to form dynamic interaction of polymer-polymer and/or polymer-filler to enhance thermal and mechanical property with benefits of polyolefin recyclability.


  • 11 patents, know-how and technical disclosure
  • 2 publications

Active Polyolefin Composite Resins

Mechanical Performance of Developed PP Composite Compared with Commercial Available Composite and Engineering Plastic

Active polyolefin composite resins which are able to form the strong interface interaction with fillers, resulting in:  
  • Mechanical performance significantly improved, comparable to engineering plastics with low filler content
  • Lighter (density ~0.95-1.0 g/cm3) and weight reduced 20-30%
    Improve the process-ability (reduce damage during production and safe energy consumption)

Product development of the developed active composite resinComparison in flexural properties of our fabricated tape and commercial available tapes

Product development of the developed active composite resin 

  • Tape and organosheet has been fabricated, tested, and compared against the leading benchmark available in the market
  • The performance of the tape is in the top range of the performance


Assoc. Prof. He Chaobin
Principal Investigator

Dr. Warintorn Thitsartarn
Co-Principal Investigator