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A*STAR - ChemoPower Molecular Info-Tech Joint Lab

Molecular Info-Tech Joint Lab


Develop methods, capabilities and infrastructure to pioneer scientific-based approaches for the authenticity and quality of traditional medicines and related complementary health products


Modernize traditional medicine through evidence-based science


The Molecular Info-Tech Joint Laboratory is a collaboration between Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and ChemoPower Technology. It is set up to bridge the gap between traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and scientific evidence through an integrated chemical analysis platform.

In the industry of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and complementary health product (CHP) today, there is a lack of scientific proof and proper qualifications and quantification on the effectiveness of the natural ingredients used. The lab will uncover the mystery behind these complex natural ingredients through comprehensive chemical profiling combined with data analytics and AI. 

  1. Exhaustive Market Sampling: to sample and chemical profile market available TCM commodities and products, enabled by high throughput technics such as non-targeted chemical analysis (NTA) and automation.
  2. Molecular Fingerprint Databank: to curate a comprehensive molecular fingerprint data bank and product library on commonly used herbs and extracts in TCM and CHP.
  3. Accelerated Ingredient Discovery: to narrow down key and potential active ingredients through data mining with data analytics and Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning (AI/ML).
  4. Quality Index Development: to utilise decoded key ingredients to create and customise new quality standards and services for industry adoption.


Chemical Analysis

  • Non-targeted chemical analysis (NTA) and profiling
  • Ultra-trace compound detection
  • Unknown compound study and tracing
  • Herb extraction and sample preparation
  • Testing and analytical method development
  • Cross-platform data verification

Data Analytics and Data Mining

  • Complex data management and database design
  • AI/ML for accelerated ingredient discovery
  • Fingerprints and spectra matching


Application and Services

  • Quality index development and QA & QC implementation
  • Product authentication, standardization and formulation 
  • Process improvement and automation 



Database and Index/Standard Development 

  • New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) for comprehensive grading standard of Artemisiae Argyi is approved by ESG
  • Chemical profiling, ingredient discovery and quality index development for Artemisiae Argyi (艾草) and its products
  • Chemical profiling and consumer index development for ointment balm products

Technology Development

  • GC-MS headspace analysis protocol for comprehensive analysis of low boiling point volatile organic compound
  • GC-MS analysis protocol for comprehensive chemical compound profiling of ginseng herbs
  • Method of trace compounds analysis using conventional GC-MS


  • “A*Star, ChemoPower open S$3.9m lab to study TCM herbs” The Business Times (SME, 24), 06 April 2021
  • “Improving annotation of known-unknowns with accurately reconstructed mass spectra”, International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 451, 11632, 2020


Dr Ren Yi,
Programme Director, IMRE 
Dr Zhang
Programme Director, ChemoPower Technology
Programme Director, IHPC