SpEED (Spin Technology for Electronic Devices) programme consists of three major components, aiming to harness spin physics’ potential in three main directions: spin transfer torque, spin-orbit, and skyrmionic technologies. Specifically, we aim (i) translate and integrate spin transfer torque (STT) technology into CMOS memory devices, (ii) demonstrate the use of ultra-fast, low-power field free spin orbit torque (SOT) in emerging memory devices further integrated into CMOS chip, and (iii) to develop proof-of-concept skyrmion-based devices in dot (MTJ-like) and wire (track-like) configurations towards multi-bit/ analogue devices.


Figures adapted from
1. A.Soumyanarayanan et al., Nature 539, 509-517(2016)
2. Fukami et al., phys.org
3. EE Times

Key Contacts

Dr. Anjan Soumyanarayanan
Dr. Lim Sze Ter 

Spin Technology for Electronic Devices (SpEED)

SpEED Background

SpEED Capabilities

Spin Transfer Torque Switching

Spin-Orbit Torque Switching

Magnetic Skyrmions