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NanoBio Lab

Led by Prof Jackie Y. Ying, the NanoBio Lab is a multidisciplinary lab-incubator that is committed to making an impact through scientific discovery and technological innovation. In particular, NBL is developing unique platform technologies for applications in the areas of energy storage, biomaterials, nanoprobe assays and biodevices, and agritechnology.



A*STAR Senior Fellow and Director, NanoBio Lab
Prof. Jackie Y. Ying

Highlights & Achievements

In 2020, we designed a 3D sheet-based Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZO) solid framework, infused with liquid electrolyte. The LLZO hybrid solid electrolyte (HSE) is unleakable due to the retention of the liquid electrolyte within the solid 3D framework. It is not susceptible to cracking due to its non-rigid structure. It is also thermally resistant, compatible with Li metal, and has high ionic conductivity and anodic stability. LLZO HSE has excellent battery performance, showing capacity as high as ~1450 mAh g-1, stable cycling over 300 cycles, and one of the best rate capabilities reported so far for Li-S hybrid solid system. Interestingly, LLZO sheets significantly reduced polysulfide shuttling, which is one of the main challenges of lithium-sulfur battery. Hence, our system showed lower capacity loss, as compared to commercial separators. 

Selected Recent Publications

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