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Micro and Nanofabrication

The group oversees the management and operation of IMRE’s cleanroom facility located in Synthesis Tower at Fusionopolis 2. The team is comprised of engineers with extensive experience in equipment operation and processing of Si wafer devices. We work closely with our research collaborators to develop the required processes to fabricate/prototype their devices.


Most of our processing tools are configured to support the standard 8-inch Si wafer processing, although some of them are capable of processing smaller wafers and coupon samples. They are broadly divided into 4 process modules: Patterning/Lithography, Deposition, Etching, and Metrology.
micro nano 1
micro nano 2
micro nano 3
micro nano 4


The team has supported multiple projects working on Non-volatile Memories (e.g., MRAM, RRAM, Magnetic Skyrmion), Photonics, and MEMS, to name a few. Representative images of the micro/nanostructures fabricated in-house are shown below:
micro nano 5

Our Team - Micro and Nano Fabrication Group