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Smart Coatings for Sustainability

By leveraging on multidisciplinary knowledge covering materials science, physics and chemistry, the team aims to develop smart coatings that can transform the original surface/materials into more value-added products.

Areas of Research:

  • Transparent conducting coatings
  • Multi-functional protective coatings for metals
  • Converting CO2 into valuable solid carbon for CO2 capture and utilization


Large area transparent conducting coatings

  • 8 inch metal mesh
  • 6 inch transparent conducting oxides
Smart Coating - Transparent conducting coating

Multi-functional protective coatings for metals

  • Plasma electrolytic oxidation ceramic protection coatings for Al & Mg
  • Bioactive ceramic coatings on Ti implants for better osseointegration
  • Surface saturation (nitriding, boriding, carbiding) for steel
    Smart Coating - Multi-functional protective coatings for metals

Technology Benefits

  • Surface hardening, anti-corrosion, electrical insulating, etc.
  • Better osseointegration

Applicable Industries

  • Urban sustainability, green building
  • Automobile, aerospace & defense
  • Medical metal implants

Highlights / Achievements (list of selected patents)

  • Broadband transparent conducting film
  • A rugged and broadband anti-reflection coating
  • A process to form a ceramic protection coating on light metals