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Learn more about the OMNI Programme at our event “CEO Breakfast Talk: Enhancing Business through Productivity Improvement and Operational Excellence” held periodically at SIMTech@FP2. Check out our Upcoming EVENTS for its next event date.

The Skills Framework Operations MaNagement Innovation (OMNI) Programme is a joint initiative by the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) and the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Agency. The objective is to train key personnel -- engineers, managers and senior staff of companies--to be technology innovators to achieve manufacturing excellence. This is accomplished by promoting the use of operations management techniques and technologies that support a company's strategy. This will ensure that operations improvements are both effective (aligned to the company's strategy) and efficient (set to achieve the desired productivity gains).

About the WSQ OMNI Programme

The programme offers a proven Operations Management Innovation methodology (OmniMethodology™) based on R&D, proven through highly successful applications in various sectors of the manufacturing industry. It consists of two parts: classroom training and mentorship.

The classroom training focuses on transferring knowledge in operations management and use of this methodology. The mentorship reinforces the classroom learning by applying the said methodology in the student’s company. At this on-site training, the participant will identify operations improvement areas, generate suitable initiatives and develop implementation action plan that are based on productivity improvements, mentored by SIMTech’s trainers.

Uniqueness of the Skills Framework OMNI Programme

As operations management is a continuous improvement process, this programme equips participants with the necessary knowledge and skills, to systematically use the OmniMethodology™ to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the companies’ operations. This is similar to ensuring that companies can use this methodology to ‘fish’ for a life-time rather than be provided with fish for a day.

Who Should Join

This programme is relevant for: 

  • Management officers/directors
  • Supply chain/procurement/logistics managers and senior staff
  • Inventory/warehouse management managers and senior staff
  • Manufacturing/production/engineering managers and senior staff
  • Industrial engineering managers and senior staff
  • Operations management manager and senior staff


Since 3 November 2014, electronic certificates (e-Certs) are issued by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to participants who have attended and attained competency in the Singapore Skills Framework training modules. Visit here for more information about the e-Cert.

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(Training Hours: 40 hours)

Course Introduction

This unit provides the necessary fundamental knowledge and concepts needed to understand operations management by introducing key concepts in operations improvement and productivity through:

  • Alignment of operations improvement to a company’s strategic intent,
  • Assessment of the performance of operations improvement based on productivity measurements,
  • Methods, tools and technologies that can be used to improve operations improvement, and
  • Application of the Operations Management Innovation methodology (OmniMethodology™) as a systematic approach to operations improvement that are effective and efficient.
On completion of this unit, participants will be ready to embark on an on-site company training mentored by SIMTech’s trainers using the OmniMethodology™. This is the first step towards becoming a technology innovator of a company.

Unit Outline

  • Understand the fundamental concept of operations improvement and productivity
  • Understand the important link between business competitive strategy and operations improvement and productivity
  • Understand the approach to measure the performance of operations improvement and productivity
  • Understand the techniques and tools for operations improvement
  • Understand the operations management innovation methodology

(Training Hours: 40 hours)

Course Introduction

This unit trains participants to evaluate and identify operations improvement areas and set performance objectives. This is done using the OmniMethodologyas a systematic approach to operations improvement that is both effective and efficient. This unit leverages on the knowledge learned in “Apply Operations Improvement Fundamentals”. The training will be company-based, with both on-site company sessions and scheduled review sessions. Upon completion of this unit, the participants will be ready to embark on the identification of suitable initiatives that can help the company improve its operations, achieve its competitive strategy and performance targets identified. This is the second step towards becoming a technology innovator of a company.

Unit Outline

  • Identify activity landscape
  • Identify operations improvement areas
  • Assess current productivity of operations improvement areas
  • Consolidate business strategy, objectives, improvement areas, and productivity

Dr Roland Lim has been a researcher and practitioner in the fields of operations management, manufacturing and supply chain strategy, analysis & design, productivity planning & implementation methodology for over 25 years. He has an Engineering Doctorate degree, a Master of Science degree, and a Bachelor of Engineering degree. His working experience with industry has enabled him to gain extensive knowledge of the best practices and solutions to tackle the operations management, manufacturing, and supply chain challenges of SMEs and MNCs in Singapore.

View Dr Roland Lim's researcher portfolio here

Mr Toh Ming Hon is a Senior Consultant who has been mentoring many companies for the OMNI Programme. He has trained many Productivity Champions to develop productivity initiatives, and implement through productivity execution method. Prior to that, he has successfully led one MNC in Singapore, with 10,000 productivity improvements implemented per year, achieved more than 100% productivity gain. He holds Honours Degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering, a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration.

Mr Ma Bin is a Principal Research Engineer with over 25 years of industrial and research experience. His technical expertise covers Operational Excellence Capability Assessment, Manufacturing Operations Management, Value Chain Study and Analysis, Supply Chain Performance Measurement, and Multiple Project Resource Planning & Optimisation. He has helped many companies to improve operations and productivity. He won A*STAR 2014 STAR Employee Award, A*STAR Borderless Award and Ministry of Transport’s Merit Award in 2010. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Software and Master of Technology degree in Knowledge Engineering.

View Mr Ma Bin's researcher portfolio

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  • Applicants should possess a degree in any discipline or a diploma with a minimum of 3 years of related working experience.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English

Module Names

Full Course Fee (before SkillsFuture Funding and GST)

Type of Sponsorship

Apply Operations Improvement Fundamentals


Improve Operations Action Plan Using OmniMethodology™


    Funding Schemes for this Programme:

    Please note that fees and funding amount are subject to change.

    For more information on the SkillsFuture funding you are eligible for, please visit


    Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
    2 Fusionopolis Way Innovis Level 8
    Singapore 138634

    How to Reach SIMTech@Fusionopolis Two
    Visitor Parking at Fusionopolis Two

    This programme is associated with the below SIMTech centre. Click on the image to visit its website.


    WSQ Programme in Operations MaNagement Innovation (OMNI)

    Participating companies are encouraged to register minimum of 2 participants for each OMNI intake/batch to optimise the learning outcomes during class discussions.

    April 2020 Intake
    (To be followed by Jul & Oct 2020 intakes)

    Module Names

    Skills Course Reference Number

    Schedule Dates


    Module 1 | Apply Operations Improvement Fundamentals (40 hours)

    Note: This module is also referred to as Understand Operations Management Fundamentals


    6 Apr 2020 - 15 Jun 2020

    Module 2 | Improve Operations Action Plan Using OmniMethodology™ (40 hours)

    CRS-Q-0033824-PRE 22 Jun 2020 - 31 Aug 2020
    Click here to visit the programme webpage.

    Click here to view/download the programme collaterals.
    Click on the schedule dates to view the module calendars.
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