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We've brought the future of manufacturing within your reach.

A*STAR’s Model Factory initiative brings you real-time manufacturing environments that will allow companies to learn from, and test newer Industry 4.0 technologies within a collaborative ecosystem of partners.

Maximum Opportunity, Minimum Risk

Revolutions are disruptive and Industry 4.0 is no exception. However, all disruptions bring great opportunities – and risks.

The Model Factory @ARTC helps mitigate some of that risk for you. A*STAR has created a safe environment where you can test ideas before launching them in a real-world manufacturing environment.

We offer a 'live' 15,000 square feet sandbox for companies to collaborate and create newer Industry 4.0 technologies.

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Mobilising SMEs Towards The Future of Industry 4.0

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If you are just starting out on your Industry 4.0 journey, we have just the right platform for you.

The Model Factory@SIMTech partners companies at the early stages of advanced manufacturing technology adoption.

One of its key features is the Manufacturing Control Tower™ (MCT™) – a virtual dashboard that offers continuous and real-time eyes on the factory floor to enable more intuitive and smarter decisions backed by predictive timely insights.

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