A*STAR Operation & Technology Roadmap

A Technology Roadmap to Sustainable Business Growth

Behind every thriving business lies a successful growth strategy. Building a technology roadmap through the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) programme will help you form a strategic business plan to grow your business and generate long-term profit.

OTR Process

A*STAR OTR Process


Connect with tech specialists
Build big picture perspective
Lead the team through a unified strategy

Paving the Path for Strategic Growth

After crafting your technology roadmap, you may choose to undertake one of several follow-up projects:

Market Analysis Report

Patent Landscape Report

Feasibility Study

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Eligible SMEs are entitled to receive 70% funding to offset the cost.

Case Studies

Skyfy Technology

Skyfy Technology
Grew company revenue by more than 175 times in 2 years and achieved a net worth of S$3.5M.



Feinmetall Singapore Pte Ltd
Invested more than $1.5 million in R&D and saw revenue grow sixfold over the last decade.



My team was skeptical at first thinking that it was just another regular programme. The OTR workshops turned out to be one of the best time and money investments we’ve had in many years.

Mr. Cheong Chun Keat,
CEO of ERS Industries Pte Ltd
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Consortium OTR: Solutions for Industry Partner Groups

Confortium OTR

Teamwork can be the key to unlocking business success. The Consortium OTR programme caters to groups of companies within the same sectors or industries, providing tools to deepen partnerships and foster pervasive innovation.

The consortium-level roadmaps will:

Help individual companies make better informed decisions in their firm-level innovation strategies.

Provide a roadmap where the consortium can work together to develop deeper capabilities in innovation.

Serve as a platform for Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to gear their research towards industry needs.

Case Study

Eugene Tan, Director / manager of pere ocean

The COTR process has translated my thoughts into action and reaffirmed our business strategy. I would like to implore traditional businesses to rethink digitalisation as an opportunity for growth and not a threat.

Eugene Tan,
Director/Manager of Pere Ocean
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