The Engineering Cluster promotes R&D and innovation to support four major sectors namely Precision Engineering, Marine & Offshore, Aerospace and Logistics & Supply Chain Management. These cover a wide spectrum of capabilities within the local research community involving high value manufacturing, automation and robotics, material processing, computational modelling and metrology.

Advanced Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing  
Industrial Additive Manufacturing
To establish Singapore’s leadership in the emerging area of Industrial Additive Manufacturing, A*STAR has partnered with EDB to set up an Industrial Additive Manufacturing Facility (IAMF). The Facility aims to support and grow AM technologies-based manufacturing activities. In addition, A*STAR’s Industrial AM Research Programme also leverages on A*STAR capabilities developed over the years to enhance manufacturing processes.

The National Robotics Programme (NRP), set up to develop robotics technologies, would be applied to various industry verticals in addressing national challenges such as an ageing population. These capabilities will also support companies in business model transformations and servitisation. In addition, A*STAR’s Industrial Robotics Research Programme, which is a joint collaboration between A*STAR Research Institutes and local universities, aims to improve manufacturing productivity and develop next-generation robotics with enhanced capabilities for human-machine interaction and skill-based operations.


Advanced Remanufacturing & Technology Centre (ARTC) was launched to develop capabilities in sustainable manufacturing processes. A platform for industry partners to collaborate, ARTC is the first of its kind in the region, bringing members together as a consortium to apply digital manufacturing and other technologies for remanufacturing.



Marine & Offshore Initiative

Technology Centre for Offshore and marine Singapore Limited (TCOMS)
Marine & Offshore Initiative  
TCOMS has been set up by A*STAR, NUS, and EDB to support academic R&D in the M&O sector. The Centre includes a deepwater ocean basin, a numerical simulation laboratory, a smart sensing and data analytics laboratory, as well as other laboratories to support the design and innovation of next-generation M&O structures, systems and vessels.

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