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We currently have collaborations with the following research groups:

1. p53 Laboratory (A*STAR)  Our collaboration focuses on developing new diagnostic assays and gene therapy applications for cancer. 

2.  Yeo Lab (UCSD)
Analysis of RNA binding proteins, their targets and function. 

3. Biological & Biomimetic Material Laboratory (NTU)
The project is geared towards understanding of commercially relevant bio-materials through molecular biology and to recapitulating biosynthesis pathway of these materials for novel applications. 

4. Genomics Lab (A*STAR)
Elephant shark genome annotation through high throughput sequencing of RNA.
5. MERL-Metabolic Engineering Laboratory (A*STAR) Genome editing tools in Actinomycetes
6. BTI Microbial Cells Group (A*STAR) Molecular tools for lactic acid bacteria
7. IMRE Metallic Material Department (A*STAR) Biomolecules activated nano-plasmonic platform
8. IMB Dr. Tom Dawson Group (A*STAR) Hair and skin research