Title: Delivery of Soxorubicin and Paclitaxel from Double-Layered Microparticles: The Effects of Layer Thickness and Dual-Drug vs Single-Drug Loading

Authors: Lee WL, Guo WM, Ho VH, Saha A, Chong HC, Tan NS, Tan EY, Loo SC.

Journal: Acta biomaterialia


This is our second paper on the delivery of drug-loaded microparticles in reducing tumor growth rate. The work is a collaborative project led by Dr Joachim Loo (NTU).

The first paper (DOI: 10.1002/smll.201400536) documented the fabrication of drug-loaded, multilayered microparticles by a convenient one-step process. The antitumor efficacy was reported and compared with single-drug-loaded particles. The efficacy of this delivery system was tested for tumor growth inhibition against three dimensional human breast cancer (MCF-7) spheroids.

Here, this work further investigated on how altering layer thickness of dual drug, double layered microparticles can influence drug release kinetics and their antitumor capabilities. The paper provided a proof of concept that controlled co-delivery of two drugs from multilayered particle systems could inhibit 3D tumor spheroids in vitro.

It is important to find vehicles for sustained release of drugs in a manner that decreases their toxicity and increase the efficacy. As such, we hope the idea of our delivery systems will be of interest to the drug delivery community as well as researchers in cancer biology and therapeutics in general.

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