Expanding the Boundaries of
Advanced Biomanufacturing Biology

Developing and applying synthetic biology and metabolic engineering to address challenges in advanced biomanufacturing, with a focus on sustainable manufacturing, nutrition and healthcare. Read More
Bio-based Chemicals. Design and engineer recombinant microorganisms to efficiently utilize cellulosic materials and produce bio-based chemicals such as n-butanol, adipic acid and 1-hexadecanol. >>
Natural Products. Use synthetic biology approaches to discover novel natural products in a high throughput manner and to produce high value natural products cost-effectively. >>
Protein and Cell Based Therapeutics. Develop synthetic biology approaches for design, engineering and production of novel protein and cell based therapeutics for treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. >>


Our mission is to establish a center of excellence for advanced biomanufacturing in Singapore and our vision is to design cell factories to manufacture bio-based products such as chemicals, natural products, and protein and cell based therapeutics. Research in this group lies in the interface of engineering, biology, chemistry, and medicine and we use a wide range of tools to tackle challenging technical and scientific problems in biomanufacturing.

Lab News 

27 Jul 2016 Mingzi and Yajie’s NPR review on natural product discovery was featured on the cover of a special issue of Natural Product Reports on synthetic biology and bioinformatics[See it Here]
01 Apr 2015  MERL officially became an independent laboratory under SERC.