Developed a 1 V Josephson array voltage standard system under the project "Harmonization of Voltage Metrology in ASEAN Member Countries" sponsored by UNIDO and UNDP

Phase 3 of the Metrology Development Programme initiated to establish new measurement standards (1992-1995)


Singapore acceded to the Metre Convention

Established the humidity measurement standard

Established the fixed point temperature measurement standard


Realisation of the SI unit for length, the metre, through iodine stabilized HeNe lasers at 633 nm and 543 nm

Established a 10 V Josephson Array Voltage Standard system as the primary voltage standard


Phase 4 of the Metrology Development Programme initiated to develop new primary standards, and establish measurement assurance and metrology expertise (1996 - 2001)

Appointed as pilot laboratory for an Asia Pacific Metrology Program (APMP) DC Voltage Comparison (1996 - 1997)

Re-organised under Productivity and Standards Board (PSB)


Developed and patented a capacitive oil tester calibrator


Developed blackbody fixed point temperature standards


Signatory to the CIPM Global MRA

Established the Singapore Standard Time (SST) and an automated computer time service for the dissemination of the SST

NMC appointed to chair the APMP Technical Committee on Electricity and Magnetism (1999-2002)

NMC appointed to chair a Technical Committee under the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) for characterisation and calibration of UV radiometers

Appointed as pilot laboratory for APMP Humidity Measurement Standards Comparison


Developed the quantized Hall primary resistance standards

Developed the primary gas flow standard for low and medium range gas flow

Established the vibration primary standard

Developed the fixed point temperature standards for standard grade thermocouple

Established the primary standard radiation thermometer

Established the primary standard laser interferometer mercury manometer

Singapore became a member of the Consultative Committee for Electricity and Magnetism (CCEM)